Wall Insulation

Insulation within exterior walls of your home can help to cut energy consumption and monthly costs for heating and cooling. When most people think about insulation, they only think about insulating their attic space, however wall insulation is just as important.

Studies have shown that the average home can lose as much as 15 percent of interior heating and cooling due to air leaks and poor insulation wtihin its exterior walls. By neglecting insulation within the sidewalls of your home, you will experience higher energy bills as well as reduced temperature management and comfort.

Wall insulation can be added to the exterior walls of existing homes through the outside of the home. There are different types of methods and materials that can be used to provide insulation within exterior walls. Fiberglass and cellulose materials are most commonly used in existing structures, while foam insulation is the most popular option for new construction.

For more information about the options available for insulating walls in existing and new construction, please visit the section on Insulation Materials on our website to learn more about fiberglass, cellulose and foam insulation. You can also contact Richie’s Insulation direct for a consultation on wall insulation by calling 508-678-4474.