Types Of Insulation

When it comes to selecting the insulation materials that are right for your residential or commercial project, it is important to understand the way that insulation works to increase the energy efficiency of a home. Upgrading to better quality insulation materials can help to seal air leaks that can waste energy and increase costs associated with heating and cooling a home.

Create an Air Barrier

The first way to measure the effectiveness of insulation materials is to consider whether or not the product will create an air barrier. An air barrier is used to control air flow between spaces in a home. Some types of insulation products do not qualify as air barriers and should not be used in certain applications, if this is the desired effect. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need to create an air barrier in the area you are working on, Richie’s Insulation can help you select the product that will best address your needs.

Establish a Vapor Barrier

The second way to measure the effectiveness of insulation materials is to consider whether or not the product will create a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is used to prevent moisture from spreading between spaces in a home. Some insulation materials are considered vapor retarders and work to slow down the spread of moisture, while others, such as some types of foam insulation, actually work as a vapor barrier in your home. Make sure to speak with experienced staff of professional insulation installers to find out which type of insulation materials will work best for your particular situation.

Increase the R-Value

In the world of professional insulation products and services, the R-value is a rating process that measures thermal resistance. The R-value can be increased simply by increasing the thickness of the insulation layer to provide more thermal resistance. However, a true air barrier cannot be created just by increasing the R-value, so it is important to know what your needs are for the space you will be insulating.

Richie’s Insulation provides residential and commercial customers with a full line of quality insulation materials and services that will meet or exceed your expectations. Our team of highly trained and experienced trades people work to deliver a high standard of workmanship in every service we provide to ensure customer satisfaction.