Icynene Insulation

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Icynene water-blown foam insulation is one of the top-selling quality insulation materials available at Richie’s Insulation. We serve customers through Massachusetts and Cape Cod, Connecticut and Rhode Island, providing them with one of the best brands of soft foam insulation available.

Icynene foam insulation has become the industry standard for use in situations where creating an air barrier and providing maximum envelope performance is required. The pour and spray formulations available with Icynene is a breakthrough in the science of insulation, providing both moisture and thermal management.

How Icynene Foam Insulation Works

Icynene ® has become one of the best-selling 100% water-blown foam insulation products because it works to minimize air leakage an maximize energy efficiency. This particular soft foam insulation helps to create a healthier indoor environment and reduces airborne sounds for better sound reduction between spaces.

Icynene ® also maintains it performance and does not lose R-value over time like other insulation materials. This product will not shrink, sag or settle. Icynene soft foam insulation also adheres to most construction materials, making it a perfect product for use in moisture and thermal management in attics, walls, floors and ceilings.

Icynene ® Spray Formula

When applied as a liquid, Icynene can expand to as much as 100 times its initial volume in just seconds, filling every crack and crevice. The product remains flexible after installation, allowing the integrity of the building envelope seal to remain intact over time. The R-value of Icynene’s spray formula is 3.6 per inch, acting as a complete insulation solution. It creates an air barrier to reduce air leakage and also seals the building envelope for maximum air tightness.

Icynene ® Pour Fill Formula

When applied as a pour fill formula in older buildings, Icynene creates an insulated air barrier that uses the latest technology to maximize efficiency while preserving the original architecture details of your home. The wall cavity is completely filled by the Icynene foam insulation, starting at the bottom of the structure and expanding upwards by as much as 60 times its initial volume. Because Icynene expands in the direction of least resistance, it won’t damage the wall by expanding outward. The R-value of Icynene’s pour fill formula is 5 per inch, making it an excellent solution for moisture and thermal management.

Is Icynene Water-Blown Foam Insulation Right for You?

Icynene has been proven to be healthier, quieter and more energy efficient than most other products available on the market. To determine whether Icynene foam insulation is right for you, your project and your budget, contact Richie’s Insulation at 508-678-4474 for more information.