Contractors – High-R Metal Building Insulation

One of the best ways to lower your energy bills for heating and air conditioning is to choose an energy efficient insulation product, such as the High-R ® insulation system. This system is a very innovative wall and ceiling insulation product line that works to meet all of your budgetary, environmental and performance needs, while giving you a good-looking product that will satisfy your client. High-R is used by architects, builders, building managers and building owners across the country to reduce costs associated with heating and cooling year-round.

How It Works

The High-R ® insulation system has revolutionized the way that contractors insulate new and existing metal frame buildings. It works to lower the transfer of heat through the use of purlin clips that attach rigid ceiling or wall panels to edge trim. The cavity is then filled with a high-quality blown-in insulation product to increase R-value. The High-R system can also be retro-fitted to work in existing metal frame buildings as well as in new construction.

The High-R ® insulation system is FDA approved and there are now five patented systems to choose from, designed to work with any metal frame building construction project you can design. The High-R system provides builders and building owners with a custom insulation solution that will work with any climate zone, building type and price point.

Revolutionary Energy-Saving Products

The High-R ® insulation system is very beneficial to your metal frame building construction in a number of ways. This product is light-reflective and helps to enhance the appearance of your residential or commercial building, reducing the amount of required lights, which in turn lowers energy costs.

The High-R ® insulation system also helps to reduce costs associated with heating and air conditioning costs. This decreases the amount and size of HVAC equipment required for your metal building project, lowering overhead and reducing the initial investment in construction. The High-R product is also very durable and can be power-washed to keep it looking good throughout its lifetime.

Other Benefits

The High-R insulation system is fire-rated and, depending on its use and the system chosen, it may even allow for discounts and lowered insurance rates when you insulate existing metal frame buildings or use it in new construction. Additional benefits include possible tax credits, Energy Star certificates and the potential to earn LEED certificates as well.

Aside from being able to stand up to power washing, the light-reflective surface of the High-R insulation system is also resistant to chemical damage, can be painted and is free of formaldehyde. It is also ASTM-84 class 1/A rated, with actual testing of R-values ranging between R-15 and R-45, depending on the product line chosen.

Other materials are also available, including ceiling boards that can be used in food service industries that are rated as good for food grade applications. Once you use the High-R insulation system in your metal frame building construction project, you will see the difference in the quality of the climate-control ability of the environment.

A Unique Design

The unique design of the High-R ® insulation system was created to prevent the product from sagging, tearing and cracking, which can lead to heat loss. This patented design also helps to prevent condensation and discoloration from affecting the High-R insulation system.

The panels of the High-R system can be filled with additional fiberglass blown insulation to increase the overall R-value of the product. Additional energy savings have the potential to reach as high as 40 percent.

Is the High-R ® Insulation System Right for Your Next Project?

Contact Richie’s Insulation to find out more about the High-R Insulation System to determine whether or not it is right for your metal frame building project. In many cases, use of the High-R system can aid in reducing construction costs associated with Materials & Resources by allowing for much of the existing insulation to be re-used. It can also help contractors to meet prerequisites with regard to Energy & Atmosphere.