Contractors – Fiberglass Rolls

Richie’s Insulation uses Knauf fiberglass rolls for our residential and commercial contractors. Fiberglass rolls are a type of packaging used with fiberglass blanket insulation. Richie’s Insulation can provide fiberglass rolls to its customers in various widths and lengths for easy installation.

How and Where Fiberglass Rolls Are Used

Fiberglass rolls are typically installed and used for insulating attics, basements, cathedral ceilings, crawl spaces, floors and sidewalls. They are available with or without a facing. Various R-values are also available in this type of material.

During installation, the facing side of this fiberglass insulation material is usually applied toward the “warm in winter” part of the home to resist moisture vapor movement to cold surfaces, which can lead to condensation. However, it is important to check with local building codes for proper placement of vapor retarder in your area.

R-Values of Knauf Fiberglass Rolls

This type of fiberglass insulation material comes available in varying degrees of R-values or thicknesses, depending upon the space in which it will be used and the amount of thermal management you require. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation will be to resist the transfer of heat between your ceilings, floors and walls.

The degree of R-value recommended for homes is based upon their geographic zones and has been established by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) for quick reference. The staff at Richie’s Insulation can help you determine which R-value are suggested for residential or commercial contractors to use in specific situations.

Knauf fiberglass rolls are available in R-values that range from R-8 to R-38 for residential building insulation. The R-value of any insulation can be increased through the use of fiberglass blowing insulation in addition to other types of fiberglass insulation material that already provides an air and vapor barrier. The R-value of Knauf fiberglass rolls is clearly printed on the package that it comes in, as well as on the facings of the product itself.

Is Knauf Fiberglass Insulation Right for You?

Knauf fiberglass insulation is a very cost-effective, easy-to-install type of insulation that is used in both residential and commercial applications. To determine whether Knauf fiberglass rolls are right for you, your project and your budget, contact Richie’s Insulation at 508-678-4474.