Sustainable Insulation Materials for New Bedford Commercial

One of the biggest construction movements in the country right now is sustainability. A lot of people use this word without really stopping to contemplate what it means. The true meaning of sustainability is to embrace a method of doing something that does not destroy or use up a natural resource. However, sustainability also means the idea of creating something that is designed to last for a very long time. If something is designed to sustain, that means that more resources won’t be used to create materials or products to replace it. It extends the cycle of sustainability, reducing consumption of resources and a need to consume them again in the future to create a replacement.

Sustainability in Commercial Insulation

Commercial building insulation is a hot topic right now. Too many buildings in this country are inefficient, meaning that they aren’t properly insulated and are wasting energy for things like heating and cooling. Sustainable insulation materials are being used to change this, adding r-value and creating a proper air and vapor barrier to reduce heat loss and improve thermal control. Commercial insulation in New Bedford and the surrounding Southern New England area is extremely important. When installed properly, it can significantly reduce utility costs for heating and cooling by a significant percentage.

Not only are these savings attractive, but there are other benefits as well. New construction is required to use more efficient commercial building insulation, but now many older buildings are going back to retrofit commercial insulation to improve efficiency. Building owners and property managers alike want to take advantage of all the benefits associated with the use of sustainable insulation materials. The best way to maximize the return on this investment is to hire a licensed, certified Massachusetts insulation contractor to provide a consultation and advise as to the best approach for improving existing insulation.

Other Benefits of Commercial Insulation

In addition to reducing costs for heating and cooling, improving thermal control, and reducing energy consumption for the property, there are still more benefits associated with updating commercial insulation in New Bedford. Upgrading commercial building insulation can enhance the comfort level of the building, improving acoustics to reduce sound transfer from between offices, floors, and even from outdoors. A Massachusetts insulation contractor can also ensure that the insulation is installed correctly to reduce air pollution and prevent pollen, dirt, dust, and other irritants from making their way into the building. This can promote better health and safety for tenants, employees, customers, and other visitors throughout the entire property.

One of the best sustainable insulation materials used to accomplish all of these benefits is Icynene spray foam. It can only be installed by a certified and authorized technician, so it is important to consult with a professional Massachusetts insulation contractor if you are considering spray foam insulation materials. Foam insulation creates a continuous barrier that not only adds r-value to prevent heat transfer, but it also seals every crack, crevice, and access point it touches to prevent environmental hazards, pests, pollen, and moisture from making its way inside. Spray foam can eliminate drafty areas in the building, stop unwanted sounds from permeating a room, prevent irritants and pollutants from coming indoors, and make any HVAC system work more efficiently.

Why Air Leakage is Important

When it comes to choosing the best commercial building insulation materials, it pays to keep air leakage in mind. If you decide against spray foam insulation or if it is not right for your type of structure, there are other ways to eliminate air leakage and stop condensation problems from within your building. Commercial insulation in New Bedford should start with the installation of a proper air and vapor barrier. All cracks, crevices, and utility access points should be properly sealed to ensure a strong building envelope. This will help to reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills with regard to heating and cooling, and create a safer environment for everyone in the building. Choosing sustainable materials that don’t impact the environment and last for the lifetime of the structure can help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and can give you the edge on achieving a LEED certificate for green construction.

Richie’s Insulation for Commercial Building Insulation

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