Traditional Insulation vs Spray Foam Insulation in Rhode Island

Whether you are researching materials for a brand new residential insulation installation or if you are thinking about upgrading your existing insulation, it’s time to consider water-blown foam insulation. Icynene insulation in Rhode Island is a very energy efficient alternative to traditional fiberglass materials. Compared to other popular options for residential installations, spray foam is a very tough and modern material that is designed to insulate and protect your home, while providing long-lasting results.

When considering materials, it is important to think about more than just the initial cost of spray foam insulation, which can be much more than traditional materials. Over time, the investment that you make in water-blown foam insulation will pay off through energy savings much quicker than other materials. Unlike fiberglass rolls or blown-in cellulose, Icynene insulation is an all-in-one solution that provides both the r-value that you need to prevent heat loss and keep your home warm in the winter, and it also creates an air and vapor barrier, to prevent leaks from even the smallest cracks and crevices. This reduces energy consumption and helps to make your home much more energy efficient.

Six Reasons to Install Icynene Insulation in Rhode Island
While there are many, many more advantages to installing water-blown foam insulation in your residential property, the six primary reasons that most homeowners get excited about when comparing insulation materials are listed below. Whatever your reasons, make sure to contact an authorized, trained, and licensed insulation installer to install your spray foam insulation in your home correctly. A professional installer can help you maximize the return on your investment for the cost of spray foam insulation for the best results.

  • PESTS – Unlike other materials, which are very similar to the nesting materials used by pet rodents, spray foam insulation is not attractive to pests. Mice, rats, and other rodents will very often use “fluffy” insulation materials as nesting, bringing all sorts of unhealthy diseases and problems into your home.
  • WATER DAMAGE – Did you know that water-blown foam insulation can help protect you from water damage? When properly installed Icynene insulation in Rhode Island creates a vapor barrier that prevents water, moisture, and even vapor molecules from entering your home. Moisture can lead to all sorts of structural damage, including mold, mildew, and rot.
  • AIR LEAKS – The very nature of spray foam insulation creates an instant air barrier that gets own into every single crack and crevice in your attic, floors, walls, and other insulated areas of your home to provide you with a complete air seal. This can significantly reduce the amount of pollen, allergens, pollutants, dust, dirt, and debris that finds its way into your home.
  • LONGEVITY – Unlike other materials that can sag, fall out of place, or even fall apart, water-blown foam insulation fills in the gaps within your home and does not fall apart, sag, or shift over time. In fact, it is this complete coverage that helps Icynene insulation in Rhode Island to effectively pay for itself through reduced energy consumption within just four years after installation.
  • HEALTHY – Compared to other materials that can sometimes use things like formaldehyde as a binder, Icynene spray foam is a much healthier alternative. In fact, its ability to reduce pollutants from coming into your home even helps to improve air quality as well.
  • THERMAL CONTROL – When spray foam is applied, it expands to as much as 100 times its initial volume. This helps it to fill every little nook and cranny in your home, creating a strong air and vapor barrier. This helps you to have better thermal control, eliminating rooms that are too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

Why Choose Icynene Insulation in Rhode Island?
While other companies manufacture spray foam insulation, Icynene’s water-blown foam insulation is one of the top-selling insulation materials in the country. Available at Richie’s Insulation, which is an authorized dealer and installer of the Icynene brand, this product can be installed throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Cape Cod. Icynene has become the industry standard for residential insulation installation for use in applications where maximum envelope performance and creating a complete air and vapor barrier is required. Both the pour and spray formulas of Icynene provide both moisture and thermal management to create a healthier indoor environment. It is such a complete material that it even reduces sound between spaces to create acoustic benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about water-blown foam insulation and other types of residential insulation installation options, contact Richie’s Insulation by calling 508-678-4474 and speak with one of our technicians. We can come out to your location and provide you with a FREE estimate for any of our products or services.