Commercial Building Insulation Installation in Fall River, MA

When it comes to commercial insulation in Southeastern Massachusetts, it pays to consider multiple options for materials and installation methods. Massachusetts insulation has different requirements than the materials that are used in other parts of the country. Extremely cold winters, winds, and storms are just part of the problem. The duration of our cold and snowy season means that energy efficiency is a priority, not just for homeowners but also for commercial property owners as well. So whether you require commercial insulation in New Bedford or want to upgrade your insulation installation in Fall River, make sure to work with an installer that is experienced with commercial installations in your area.

Knauf Fiberglass Rolls for Commercial Contractors
Richie’s Insulation uses Knauf products for both our residential and commercial contractors. The high-quality materials that are produced by Knauf come in a variety of widths and lengths for easy installation in just about any type of space. While fiberglass rolls are most commonly used in Massachusetts insulation projects for attics, basements, crawl spaces and sidewalls, they can also be used for cathedral ceilings, floors, and other spaces that require additional protection. Interior and exterior wall alike can benefit from this versatile material. A variety of r-values are also available to choose from, depending on your needs or the location of the installation.

While Massachusetts insulation is designed to provide the most benefit during the time of year when energy is required the most for thermal control, it is important to understand how this type of commercial building insulation is installed. The facing side of fiberglass rolls is typically applied to the “warm in winter” part of the structure. This helps to resist moisture and vapor movement to cold surfaces, which can ultimately lead to condensation. However, local building codes may require a different approach for your area. This is why it is important to work with a licensed and reputable installer who can provide you with commercial insulation in New Bedford or fiberglass roll insulation installation in Fall River for best results.

What is R-Value?
Unless you work in the industry, the chances are good that you don’t know much about r-values and commercial building insulation except what the property owner or architect has suggested being used for the installation. The higher the r-value, the better the insulative qualities will be to resist heat transfer between spaces. R-value is a term of measurement that is used to help contractors know how much coverage will be provided with a particular material. Lower r-values can be used in more temperate climates or for interior wall insulation. In areas like New England, it is important that your Massachusetts insulation has a high r-value in order to provide proper thermal control.

When you work with a reputable installer of commercial insulation in New Bedford, Fall River, Providence, and the surrounding area, you can be sure that you are getting the right insulation materials with the proper r-value coverage for your project. A higher r-value can be reduced energy consumption and improved energy efficiency. Whether your goal is to get a LEED Certification on a new project or if you just want to lower your utility bills for heating and cooling at an existing property, the type of commercial building insulation that you choose to install can make a big difference. Knauf fiberglass rolls come in r-value ranges between r-8 and r-38, depending on your needs. The r-value can also be increased through the use of additional materials and other options that include a comprehensive air and vapor barrier.

Contact Richie’s Insulation for Knauf Fiberglass Materials
If you are interested in learning more about the materials available for an insulation installation in Fall River or the surrounding region, make sure to contact a professional provider that has a solid reputation for quality installations. Richie’s Insulation works with commercial contractors and developers to install a wide variety of materials designed to achieve energy efficiency and utility-saving goals. For more information, give us a call at 508-678-4474 and speak with one of our technicians. We can come to your property and provide you with a FREE estimate for your project and answer any questions you might have about installing Massachusetts insulation in commercial structures.