Affordable Home Insulation for Attic Upgrades in Dartmouth

Homeowners who are looking to make a substantial difference in their home energy bills for heating and cooling should look first to attic insulation in Dartmouth. Contact a local insulation contractor in Massachusetts and have your existing insulation materials inspected. Depending on the age of your home, an upgrade could make a significant change in the amount of energy required to heat your home in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. Plus, if you are having problems with a room or space in your home that is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, additional Westport residential insulation in that room could make all the difference. Affordable home insulation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but a professional installation will help you to get a bigger return on your investment. It pays to use quality materials and have a proper install, regardless of the type of material you choose.

Why the Attic?
Compared to other areas of your home, such as walls, sidewalls, and basements, accessing the space where the insulation is installed inside of an attic is much easier. The easier the access, the lower the cost for installation. This is true whether you have a new construction project or are replacing existing insulation materials. Studies show that a big percentage of heat loss occurs regularly in the attic of most homes. This is why most installers recommend that you check the attic first before attempting to upgrade insulation anywhere else. It will give you the biggest reduction in utility costs associated with heating and cooling than any other part of your home.

Consider getting a home energy audit performed as well. New Bedford, Fall River, Dartmouth, and Westport residential insulation will perform better if there is a proper air and vapor seal within your home. Without a proper seal, heat transfer will occur, putting more strain on your HVAC system and increasing costs associated with heating and cooling your home year-round.

Which Materials are Best?
The most common materials used for attic insulation in Dartmouth and the surrounding area include fiberglass rolls and blown-in cellulose. Blown-in insulation is by far the most affordable home insulation. It is easy to install and simple to boost the r-value by increasing the amount of material added to your attic or other area of your home. When it comes to working with a reputable insulation contractor in Massachusetts, you can count on the team at Richie’s Insulation to provide you with quality materials and a professional installation to help you get the most out of your upgrade.

Blown-in insulation is used most often to upgrade the existing insulation materials found in New England homes. It can be blown over top of any existing insulation material, including fiberglass or cellulose products. It can help to improve thermal control within the structure and boost the overall r-value of the home. Richie’s Insulation provides insulation installation services for attics in both new and existing structures, helping our clients to get the best energy efficient results for comfort, reduced utility costs, and year-round control. You can choose from quality name brand materials and get professional installation at Richie’s.

Sealing Air Leaks in Southeastern Massachusetts
Our team of highly trained, experienced, and knowledgable technicians recommend that our clients make sure that any air leaks in the home get sealed prior to Dartmouth or Westport residential insulation installation, whether in the attic or another part of the property. Air sealing is important to prevent heat transfer or heat loss, which can work against the quality materials that you have installed by an insulation contractor in Massachusetts. If your home is not properly sealed, you will not get all of the benefits of the r-value that you should.

Some of the areas that need to be checked for air leaks include:

  • windows and doors
  • joints and seams
  • attic access openings
  • utility penetrations
  • skylights and recessed can lights
  • chimneys near exterior walls

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