Super Insulation Design for New Construction in Rhode Island

If you are building a brand new home in Rhode Island or the surrounding New England area, you will want to make sure that you do everything possible during the construction phase to create a home that is properly insulated and protected. The term “super insulation” describes an approach to home design and construction that first began back in the 1970s, but with today’s modern technology and increased standards for energy efficiency, has become a much more common goal. When done properly, super insulation can work to reduce heat transfer, not just through increasing fiberglass rolls in Providence for walls or attics, but by eliminating thermal cold bridges, where walls, foundations, and the roof intersect.

The History of Super Insulation
The first goal of super insulation was to improve the thermal efficiency of timber framed houses that were made from a more lightweight construction. Issues with heating and cooling are common in this type of structure, making it difficult for the homeowner to achieve consistent thermal control and energy efficiency. Back in the day, the only way to increase the performance of the insulation was to create walls that were thicker so the insulation thickness could be increased. While some designers still use this approach, it can be quite costly to achieve the r-values that are required by today’s standards.

Just because things have changed in the residential insulation industry, doesn’t mean that the super insulation approach is flawed or that it cannot be realized to fit in with today’s energy efficient construction standards. Architects, builders, contractors and property owners alike are continually looking for new ways to improve thermal control while reducing costs associated with professional insulation by a qualified insulation contractor in Massachusetts. Working with a pro is important, especially if you want guaranteed results. A professional installer can help you to determine which material will give you the biggest energy savings and provide the best return on your investment.

Ideas for New Construction
The best approach to super insulation in brand new construction is to combine the original idea of thicker walls to provide extra space for insulation materials, such as blown-in cellulose or fiberglass rolls in Providence and the surrounding area, with better quality insulation. Some materials will give you the results you require to provide a high thermal control for the new construction project. Icynene insulation in Rhode Island is a popular choice. It can be installed in existing structures as well as in new construction, due to it’s ability to be poured like a liquid or sprayed onto a surface.

By increasing the depth of the studs from 140mm to 200mm, more insulation can be added, regardless of the type. So, depending on your budget for the new construction project, you can choose between an approved Rhode Island Icynene insulation, blown-in cellulose fiber in Pawtucket, or even fiberglass rolls in Providence. While some materials may cost less initially, others can provide additional benefits or increase energy savings to provide an even bigger return on your investment at a much faster rate. Discuss your goals and needs with your certified insulation contractor in Massachusetts for best results.

Other Elements of Super Insulation Construction
Working with either an architect or a builder that is experienced with super insulation, there are other elements of this approach that will need to be incorporated beyond the use of quality high r-value Rhode Island Icynene insulation, fiberglass rolls or blown-in cellulose materials. These features are what help to separate a low energy house that has been designed with super insulation in mind from other well-insulated modern homes.

Some of those features include:

  • Energy Star rated triple-glazed windows
  • Air-tight construction throughout
  • Building envelope that is continuously insulated
  • Mechanical heat recovery vent system to reduce HVAC use
  • Minimal back-up HVAC system to compensate in extreme conditions
  • Extra sealing around doors, windows, and utility points

In other words, every element of construction for a super insulated home should be energy-efficient and high-performance to provide complete thermal control throughout the structure. Adherence to local and federal building regulations can also be achieved using this approach, further ensuring proper insulation, air-tightness, fire resistance and sound construction. Work with your local insulation contractor in Massachusetts to make sure that you achieve your desired r-values for insulation in roofing, walls, and floors.

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