Professional Insulation in New Bedford: Commercial Properties

The construction materials used to build a structure play a major role in the type of commercial insulation that can be used. While some buildings can rely on traditional materials, such as fiberglass rolls and blown-in cellulose from Knauf insulation in New Bedford, others require something a bit more intricate. One example of this is metal buildings. An extremely durable framework for many different types of industries, the issues of commercial insulation in New Bedford and other areas where extreme temperature changes can affect business, must be considered.

The right type of professional insulation installation will help to reduce energy consumption, meet requirements for commercial properties within a given state or industry, and can also provide tax incentives for energy reduction associated with heating and cooling year-round. The metal structure itself offers absolutely no protection from the heat of summer or the freezing temperatures of winter, making commercial insulation a requirement in the New England region. To ensure that your commercial property is properly insulated from outside temperatures, your best bet is to consult with a professional installer.

Condensation, Mold & Mildew
The two things that property owners and architects need to consider about metal building construction is the development of condensation, mold, and mildew. Even if the property isn’t designed to provide direct-to-consumer interaction, there will most assuredly at least be storage of stock, supplies, and housing of employees within the structure. Therefore, protection from condensation and mold issues is essential to protect staff, assets, and the business itself from related damage.

  • Condensation – One of the biggest concerns in metal structures, commercial insulation is used to help protect the building from condensation. Over time, a build up of condensation can cause damage to the structure. Professional insulation installation is required to ensure a proper vapor barrier is in place to reduce the amount of condensation on the metal panels. Humidity, which can also lead to condensation, is another common issue. If the concrete foundation has not been fully cured, humidity within the structure can occur. As humidity levels rise, condensation and the resulting damage of condensation can become a problem. Exposure to frost and ice in the winter months, as well as the freeze-thaw cycle that is an issue in New England, can also provide moisture, resulting in humidity and condensation in a metal structure.
  • Mold & Mildew – Another reason for a professional installation of commercial insulation in New Bedford for metal structures is that if the insulation is not properly installed, mold and mildew can get trapped within the walls. If the insulation becomes damaged, either through improper maintenance or damage caused by birds and other animals, mold and mildew can become a problem. Quality materials and professional installation of commercial grade insulation, such as metal building insulation and Knauf insulation in New Bedford, can reduce the risks associated with the development of these issues.

The High-R ® Insulation System
For metal structures in the northeastern states, there is no better way to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling or to provide a professional insulation installation that works to reduce condensation, moisture, mold, and mildew, than the High-R ® insulation system. This innovative system is likely unlike anything you have ever seen. It can be installed on walls and ceilings and is designed to meet all of your project needs, including high performance, environmental requirements, and budgetary restrictions. The product looks great, performs excellently, and has been used nationwide by builders, architects, contractors, property owners and building managers to provide top quality commercial insulation for metal structures.

A revolutionary new method for insulating brand new and existing metal frame structures, the High-R ® insulation system works to lower the transfer of heat through the use of purlin clips that are attached to wall panels or rigid ceiling panels to edge trim. A high-quality blown-in insulation, such as Knauf insulation in New Bedford, is then used to fill in the cavity space, providing comprehensive coverage. Because of its unique design, the High-R ® insulation system can be installed as part of renovation or retro-fitting projects in existing metal frame buildings just as easily as in brand new construction. FDA approved with five patented systems to choose from; the High-R ® insulation system will work with any metal frame building project and is designed to work in any climate zone.

Other Benefits of the High-R ® Insulation System
Unlike other types of commercial insulation in New Bedford and the surrounding South Coast area, the High-R ® insulation system is designed for use in metal frame building construction. As a result, there are some pretty unique benefits and advantages associated with installing it that you won’t get with other types of insulation products.

Some of these benefits to commercial insulation include:

  • can be cleaned with a power-washer to keep the product looking brand new throughout its lifetime, again further enhancing the appearance of the property
  • boosts safety, as the High-R ® insulation system is fire-rated and can even qualify the property owner for insurance discounts, tax credits, Energy Star certificates
  • resistant to chemical damage, the surface can be painted and is formaldehyde-free
  • r-values for this product can range between r-15 and r-45, depending on the needs of the property and the materials used for commercial insulation

If you are interested in learning more about the High-R ® insulation system or if you would like to get a FREE estimate for professional insulation installation, contact Richie’s Insulation by calling 508-678-4474. One of our highly trained and experienced commercial insulation experts will work with you to find the solution that is best for your metal construction building.