Energy Savings in Providence: Upgrade Existing Home Insulation

If you discovered that you could increase the value of your home and reduce your monthly utility costs for heating and cooling, what would you do? Many homeowners in the northeastern states are choosing to upgrade existing insulation, especially for homes that are ten years old or more. New government guidelines and requirements for energy efficiency of residential insulation have helped homeowners to get the tools they need to have a more comfortable home, boost real estate values, and reduce energy costs. Homes that are older say 20 years of more, can save even more when they hire an experienced Massachusetts insulation contractor to help them increase efficiency and value.

How Much Do You Need?
The first step in determining what needs to be done to upgrade existing insulation to the degree that it would make a difference in energy consumption and utility costs is to hire a professional to perform a home energy audit. This will tell you if you need to boost your exterior wall insulation or if you can get away with just adding some more fiberglass rolls in Providence to your attic to make a difference. A home energy audit uses thermal video technology to spot patterns of heat transfer or loss throughout your home. However, if you have a room or place in your home that is colder than the rest in the winter and hard to cool in the summer, the chances are good that a great place to start is with that room.

The existing insulation will also play a factor in how much insulation you need to add. If your insulation is in good condition and is the type of material that can be enhanced simply by adding another layer of the same or similar product, then you might be able to save some money on the cost for materials and labor with the Massachusetts, insulation contractor. If your home is less than ten years old, you could probably get away with keeping your existing insulation, unless it has become damaged by moisture, leaks or pests. The goal here is to increase efficiency and value, but also to create a safe and comfortable environment. If your existing insulation is compromised in any way, it is better to remove it before installing something new.

Make Improvements to the Envelope
You might hear this term when you contact a contractor to upgrade existing insulation in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. The building envelope is the area around the outside, the exterior of the home. If you could seal and properly insulate the exterior, you could significantly reduce the demand for heating and cooling inside your home. This can help make your existing HVAC system work more effectively and efficiently, reducing wear and tear on it throughout its lifetime. And, when it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system, you might be able to purchase a smaller, more energy efficient unit due to the decreased demand.

Air sealing the building envelope is just as important as choosing the right fiberglass rolls in Providence and working with the right Massachusetts insulation contractor. This can be accomplished by using weather stripping around doors and windows, however, your best bet is to have it done by a professional. Those supplies you can get at the local home improvement center just don’t measure up to the materials that professional contractors have access to for residential and commercial insulation projects. Other areas that can benefit from sealing services include the attic floor, around chimneys, around utility access points, recessed light fixtures, and even around electrical wiring.

Contact Richie’s Insulation
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