Affordable Home Insulation: New Bedford Insulation on a Budget

New England homeowners are acutely aware that living in a colder climate means having quality home insulation. If your home is not properly insulated, you will have a difficult time controlling the temperature year-round. Warm summers mean air conditioning, which still requires good thermal control to keep out the warm air and protect your cooled indoor air. Affordable home insulation may seem like a fairy tale, but the truth is that if you work with a licensed and experienced installer who specializes in insulation installations in New Bedford and the surrounding area, it can be done.

There are many different types of insulation materials, including water-blown foam insulation, fiberglass insulation rolls, and even loose fill insulation materials from industry leader Knauf insulation in New Bedford. Some are more affordable than others and easier to install, which can mean lower labor costs for the installation. It pays to work with a pro who can provide you with an accurate estimate and make sure that you aren’t replacing insulation that doesn’t need to be replaced. The goal is to maximize the return on your investment, and the best way to do that is to contact Richie’s Insulation.

Reduce Consumption & Utility Costs
The number one reason why most people decide to upgrade to affordable home insulation from the original product that was installed by the contractor or builder is to reduce energy consumption. The result of this is that you will also lower your utility costs for heating and cooling. Whether you decide to use water-blown foam insulation, which has a built-in air and vapor barrier, or something more traditional like fiberglass insulation rolls or blown-in cellulose materials, it is important to make sure that you have enough protection in your home.

The best place to get started is your attic. Energy studies reveal that an improperly insulated attic can increase energy consumption by ten to fifty percent for heating and cooling. That means big savings if you are able to make a difference by installing quality Knauf insulation in New Bedford for your attic. If you are on a budget, you can get started with your attic and then move to other areas of your home. Your installer can determine which part of your home requires the most attention by performing a home energy audit. This can save you hundreds of dollars – if not more.

Other Ways to Save
Because attic insulation is so important, there are other things that you can do to make sure that your home is performing efficiently. Do you store things in your attic? Do you keep holiday decorations and other infrequently used items up there? If you do, it could be negatively impacting the performance of your attic insulation. Fiberglass insulation rolls are used on the walls and the floor of your attic. Setting heavy boxes on top of the insulation can smash it down, compacting the materials, and make it less effective.

Even if there is plywood on the floor in your attic, you should consider pulling it up to put down more layers of insulation. In some cases, you can even layer new fiberglass insulation rolls on top of existing insulation. Your installer can help you find cost-effective ways to double your insulation protection without spending a fortune. If your existing insulation is still in good condition, not damaged by roof leaks, pests, or poor installation, you might be able to keep it. This can reduce the overall cost for affordable home insulation and help you achieve your energy saving goals.

Contact Richie’s Insulation in New Bedford
Homeowners and property owners in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area have trusted the knowledgeable and skilled installation technicians at Richie’s Insulation for many years. Whether you want to increase your existing attic insulation with fiberglass insulation rolls or loose-fill Knauf insulation in New Bedford or if you are interested in learning more about water-blown foam insulation in Westport, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 508-678-4474 and get a FREE estimate for your home insulation project. We can assist you in choosing the best materials for your upgrade and can perform a home energy audit to help you make a more informed decision.