Winter is Coming: Design a Building Envelope in Rhode Island

Some people say that you can “never go back” and change what has already happened. Once it’s in your past, that’s where it stays. But the truth is that there are things that you can do to improve energy efficiency in your residential insulation installation. In fact, you can even design a building envelope that will help to reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home year-round properly. Icynene insulation in Rhode Island is an excellent way to create an air and vapor barrier while providing adequate r-value at the same time. Air sealing your home is an essential technique that must be employed to prevent heat loss through the walls, floors, and attic of the structure. The best way to achieve this is to hire a professional insulation installer who has many years of experience working with properties in the South Coast region.

Getting Started
The best time to plan for air sealing your home is when your home is being designed and constructed. However, some local technicians can help you update your residential insulation installation to include options that will help to improve energy efficiency. A complete home energy audit can be performed by our team at Richie’s Insulation to provide you with a clear picture of the areas of your home that require attention and which areas are in good condition. A proper air and vapor seal is the first step, creating a proper building envelope. Engineers have developed new ways to improve building design to boost efficiency, but experienced insulation experts have been working diligently as well to find new ways to increase results for their clients.

One way to achieve the desired results is to install Icynene insulation in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Not only does it add important r-value, which is used to provide better and more comprehensive insulation throughout your home, but it also creates a built-in barrier against air, moisture, pollen, pollutants, dust, dirt, and other irritants. It must be installed by a technician that is trained, licensed, and authorized to work with Icynene products. Not only is this a requirement by Icynene, but it ensures that you are properly air sealing your home and upgrading your residential insulation installation to improve energy efficiency and reduce your overall energy consumption for heating and cooling. It’s a win-win!

Location, Location, Location
As most residents of the northeastern states understand, it is our location that separates us from homeowners in other parts of the country with regard to needs for residential insulation. The local climate plays a big part in the needs for r-value, the amount of insulation used to create a protective layer to prevent heat loss in winter or warm air from the outdoors coming inside in the summer. However, the physical location of your home concerning the sun, taking advantage of a southern or northern exposure, depending on your specific needs, is important too. Working with a professional installer will help you to overcome location-based issues and ensure greater thermal control throughout your home. No more cold spots, cold rooms, or areas that are simply too hot in summer to enjoy.

It is important to understand that heat is what we are trying to control when we work to improve energy efficiency for heating and cooling. Heat will naturally flow from its warm place to a cooler place. Insulation materials, such as Icynene insulation in Rhode Island, is used to resist the natural flow of heat to retain heat inside of a heated home or to prevent the cooled air inside your home from being warmed in the summer. The ability of the insulation to provide resistance from heat flow is measured in r-values. The higher the r-value, the better the resistance. Homeowners in the northeast will require a considerably higher r-value than homeowners in more temperate regions. Choose from fiberglass rolls, blown-in cellulose, spray foam, rigid foam, and other quality materials to achieve the r-value level that you desire.

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