Water Damage Protection: Gutter Guard System in Massachusetts

Gutter Guard for Seamless Aluminum Gutters

While it can be frustrating having to get up on a ladder a couple of times each year to clean out the gutters, the alternative can be extremely damaging and expensive. However, some solutions can be used to reduce the amount of maintenance required for gutters, including upgrading to seamless aluminum gutters. The addition of a gutter guard system, such as the Leaf Relief Gutter Guard Protector or the Waterfall Gutter Guard System, both of which are available through Richie’s Insulation in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island. In addition to Massachusetts spray foam insulation for both exterior and interior wall insulation, there’s no better way to protect your home from weather and moisture related damage.

Check Your Gutters
The first step to determine whether or not you would benefit from an upgrade to brand new seamless aluminum gutters or by adding a professional gutter guard system is to check your gutters for yourself. Are they full of leaves, twigs, pine needles, acorns, dirt, and other types of debris? If you don’t have a gutter guard system in place, the chances are good that there’s at least some sort of clog stopping the flow of water from your gutters. One of the most expensive things to replace in a home is the roof. Extreme weather plays a major part in roof repair or replacement issues. However, improper care of your home and gutters can contribute as well. While you are checking the gutters, you should also take a look at the roof. Check for peeling or missing shingles, sunken spots, pooling water, and other common issues. When in doubt, bring in a professional.

A leaky roof or problems with gutters can lead to issues with interior wall insulation and drywall damage, which can result in mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew is a dangerous situation, not just for the value of your home, but for the health of everyone in it. Material damage can include leaks that make their way in through the exterior walls and even the existing insulation, causing yellow or brown spots on ceilings. Not only is it unsightly, but it can lead to additional damage, depending on where it occurs. Issues with electrical outlets and connections, HVAC, and fixtures are common when a major leak occurs. A gutter guard system, coupled with seamless aluminum gutters and quality Massachusetts spray foam insulation, is your best defense against weather-related leaks and costly repairs.

Seasonal Clean-Up
Once you have brand new seamless aluminum gutters and a quality gutter guard system in place, all you need to do is make periodic checks to ensure that everything is working properly. Most gutter guard systems have a nearly 100 percent effective rate for the most common types of debris that can clog up your gutters. The Leaf Relief Gutter Guard Protector is 100 percent effective at preventing blockage from leaves, which is the number one issue affecting New England homeowners. It is also 99-100 percent effective at preventing an obstruction from twigs and 97 percent effective at blocking pine needles. So instead of wading through globs and piles of wet leaves and dirt each time you clean your gutters, all you’ll have to worry about is maybe a few tiny twigs that made their way through and a few pine needles, if you have a pine tree near your home.

How It Works
Richie’s Insulation is a top provider of Massachusetts spray foam insulation for exterior and interior wall insulation in the South Coast area. We have many years of experience installing and replacing quality insulation materials for both residential and commercial clients. We have chosen to exclusively offer two gutter guard system products to our clients due to the quality of those products and the results that they can provide.

  • Waterfall Gutter Guard System – This water management system works to eliminate clogs in gutters and downspouts. It is made from a louvered vinyl material that is designed with three steps that are used to protect our seamless aluminum gutters or existing gutters from leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other types of debris. Water drains through the holes and into the gutter, allowing water to be pushed away from the building’s foundation. No nails or screws are required for installation of this aesthetically pleasing, low-profile product. This gutter guard system won’t crack or dent over time, and it has a high rain capacity, making it perfect for New England homes. There’s a five-year limited warranty for material defects.
  • Leaf Relief Gutter Guard Protector – This product is designed with the same goal in mind of keeping leaves and other debris out of your seamless aluminum gutters or other traditional gutters in the first place for better overall protection. This product is weather resistant, is designed to stand up to high winds of up to 110 mph! Dry debris can be cleared with just a six mph breeze, while wet debris can be cleared with just a 23 mph wind. Massachusetts spray foam insulation is designed to keep moisture out of your home, but the installation of seamless aluminum gutters and gutter guard system products can work together to eliminate leaks once and for all.

Call Richie’s for Seamless Aluminum Gutters & Leaf Protection
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