Sustainable Insulation Materials in MA for Residential Homes

Sustainability means different things to different people. Depending on your goals or point of view, you may have different ideas about sustainability when it comes to residential insulation. Sustainable insulation materials, such as fiberglass rolls, blown cellulose, and spray foam insulation in Massachusetts and the surrounding area, should always be used to get the best results. Working with a professional installer, such as Richie’s Insulation, can help you to achieve your goals and get the biggest return on your investment.

According to, sustainability can mean, “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level,” which can be applied to the ability of insulation to increase R-value and maintain it at that level for a length of time. also defines sustainability as the “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance,” which could refer to the materials used to create residential insulation, as well as the method in which they are installed, and its effect on the environment.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation
One of the most popular choices for sustainable insulation materials is Icynene spray foam. It provides protection in two ways, offering quality insulation to increase R-value for new and existing construction projects, while also creating an instant vapor and air barrier to block out moisture, pollutants, dust, pests, and allergens. When it comes to sustainable design for today’s architects, spray foam insulation in Massachusetts certainly fits the bill, establishing a proper building envelope that is key to creating energy efficient structures for residential and commercial use. Richie’s Insulation is a certified, authorized installer of Icynene insulation products.

When it comes to sustainable residential insulation, Icynene helps to:

  • reduce the number of materials required for construction
  • improve indoor environments, providing cleaner air for all
  • lowering carbon emissions through reduced energy consumption
  • reducing monthly costs for heating and cooling
  • increasing the longevity of HVAC equipment, reducing landfill impact

When it comes to choosing insulation to increase R-value for a renovation, remodeling project, retrofit or addition on an existing property, spray foam insulation can save you money. Icynene foam insulation expands to up to 100 times its original volume, filling cracks and crevices to prevent heat loss like no other type of insulation material. With other types of materials, homeowners will often just keep adding more and more materials, which can be counter-productive when attempting to achieve sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment. All Icynene spray foam insulation products are 100 percent water-blown and PBDE-free, plus several of their top sellers are even HFC-free.

Knauf Insulation Products
True sustainability is about designing for the long-term while making every effort to conserve the natural environment. Today’s builders are more in touch with sustainability than ever before. Fiberglass insulation plays a key role in working to minimize the impact on the environment and has been proven to be a top performer when it comes to energy savings. Richie’s Insulation is also an authorized installer of Knauf sustainable insulation materials. Provide your home with better thermal control and protection from New England winters with Knauf residential insulation products.

Knauf Insulation products are sustainable because:

  • the main ingredient in fiberglass is sand, which is a rapid-renewable resource
  • fiberglass insulation is recycled more by weight than any other type of insulation
  • fiberglass manufacturers in North America used over 1.5 billion pounds of recycled glass to create their sustainable insulation materials
  • landfill space is reduced through the use of recycled materials to create fiberglass
  • energy and pollution are reduced through the manufacture of recycled products
  • demand on virgin resources is reduced by the use of recycled materials

Knauf fiberglass residential insulation is a very cost-effective type of material which is easier to install than other materials, providing long-lasting, insulation to increase R-value and efficiency for homeowners throughout the South Coast region. The R-value range of Knauf fiberglass rolls is between R-8 and R-38 and is best when combined with an air and vapor barrier. Many homeowners choose fiberglass rolls for their home renovation projects, as well as for economical, environmentally-friendly options for new construction.

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