Popular Trends in New Bedford Commercial Building Insulation

While the commercial insulation needs in New England are quite different from the needs in other parts of the country and world, it pays to take a peek at the trends that are affecting the global market for insulation materials to get a better idea of the big picture. New technology, installation techniques, and sustainability issues can all affect the type of insulation installation in New Bedford that you and your clients may require. In recent years, the amount of commercial building insulation being used in the United States and around the globe has increased. A steady market growth in this billion dollar industry includes materials for walls, floors, and roofs, to help improve energy efficiency on a broad scale.

Just five years ago, the market yielded over 37 million tons of insulation materials valued at over $84 billion. Growth within the insulation industry is currently at a steady pace of about three percent increase each year. However, recent studies show that interest has picked up about commercial insulation again, prompting expectations of exponential growth in the next decade. Your local Massachusetts insulation contractor can help you with everything from the selection of professional materials to the scheduling or installation work to be done around your office hours to reduce downtime or loss of business.

5 Reasons to Upgrade Commercial Insulation
When it comes to commercial building insulation installation in New Bedford, it pays to tire a reputable Massachusetts insulation contractor who has experience working with commercial clients. There are a lot of differences between residential and commercial insulation, so it is important to ensure that the contractor you hire can handle the work. Commercial building insulation materials include spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, and High-R metal building insulation, as well as a few other options, depending on the location of your structure. Obviously, there will be different demands for commercial buildings located in New England than for a building located in South Florida, California or Texas.

Reason #1 – Building Codes & Regulations
One reason to upgrade commercial insulation is if you need to become compliant with current building codes and regulations. Much has changed in recent years about the requirements for commercial structures as a means of reducing energy consumption to lower utility bills. Work with a Massachusetts insulation contractor who can help you achieve your goals while making sure that your new commercial insulation meets local, state, and federal regulations for energy-efficient and sustainable materials.

Reason #2 – New Construction
If you are installing commercial building insulation for a brand new property or for a new construction addition being added on to an existing structure, you will need to upgrade the type and amount of commercial insulation used for the property to meet current regulatory requirements. Contact a Massachusetts insulation contractor who is experienced in this kind of work for best results. Spray foam insulation provides both an air/vapor barrier and R-value to offer comprehensive protection for your new building or addition. This approach will help to reduce energy consumption, create a more comfortable working environment, and will instantly add value to your property.

Reason #3 – Population Growth
Many existing structures are being repurposed to meet growing demands for more living space as populations increase in urban areas, including major cities like Boston and New Bedford. Old warehouses and other types of large buildings are being turned into residential properties, commercial office buildings, and much-needed retail centers. Commercial insulation plays a major role in making these types of buildings inhabitable or useful in new ways. Insulation installation in New Bedford, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Rhode Island should be done by a professional contractor who can help you to achieve your goals.

Reason #4 – Energy Costs
In most situations, the energy savings that comes from retrofitting or upgrading commercial insulation to new modern materials can help pay for the renovation over time. Heating and cooling remain two of the largest energy-based expenses for commercial businesses in the northeastern states, regardless of the industry. A reputable Massachusetts insulation contractor can help you ensure that you have comprehensive coverage to increase energy savings and improve thermal control for the entire structure.

Reason #5 – Sustainability
There are many different aspects that go into commercial building insulation that make it a sustainable choice. The type of material that is used, where it is sourced and what it takes to install it, can affect the overall sustainability of the project. The amount of energy savings that can be achieved through the use of the material. The air/vapor barrier provided to enhance the insulating properties of the materials, eliminating dust, dirt, pollen, moisture, and allergens from making their way into the structure. Sustainability also has to do with how long the material will provide protection for your property, reducing the impact on the environment by working better longer.

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