Professional Insulation: Moisture Prevention in Fall River

moisture-preventionOne of the challenges that faces a professional insulation installer, particularly in the northeastern states, is moisture prevention. Moisture is everywhere year round. We see it build up on our car windows and sometimes on the windows inside our home. However, if moisture builds up within the duct work of our air-conditioning system, it can cause a lot of damage. If moisture builds up inside of our residential insulation, it can reduce the ability to keep cold air out in winter and warm air out in the summer. Additionally, unused air-conditioning ducts can become even more saturated with water, leading to even more problems in unconditioned spaces.

Where Does Moisture Come From?

One of the best ways to gain a better understanding of moisture prevention with regard to proper insulation installation in Fall River or anywhere else in the South Coast region, is to learn more about moisture and how it appears in our home. The first thing you need to know is that water vapor is in the air, particularly in the coastal areas, but everywhere at some level or degree. The air inside your home during the winter months will usually have more water vapor than the air that is outside your home. The reason is because warm air can retain more water vapor than cold air.

This is why you will sometimes see a moisture build-up on your windows in the winter months. As the humid, warm air hits the cold windows from outdoors, it cools the air enough to reach what is known as the “dew point,” which makes the air condense to form liquid water. It doesn’t matter what the object is made of, whether it is a glass window or a metal air duct made from bare sheet, duct board or flexible duct, the scientific reasons behind why water vapor in the air condenses to create liquid water remain the same. However, the key is to ensure that the areas that typically create this condensation effect are properly sealed and protected with residential insulation for the best moisture prevention available.

How a Professional Insulation Installer Can Help

All homes have some form of residential insulation, unfortunately most homes do not have an adequate amount of insulation and have not been properly sealed to prevent cold air and moisture from entering the home. A professional insulation installer can help you to improve the sealing and insulation of your home, especially if moisture is an issue. Insulation installation in Fall River pays special attention to these issues, because they are quite prevalent in the New England region.

Ducts that do not have heated air flowing through them will cool to the temperatures of the space that is not being conditioned, making them cold and ripe for moisture build-up. Insulation can help to keep the temperatures in unconditioned rooms and unused air-conditioning ducts at a level that will prevent condensation, however there are other things that must be done, which require a professional insulation installer. Speak with your local professional insulation installation in Fall River for more information on the services that they provide that can help homeowners combat and deal with moisture prevention once and for all.

Extended Damage Caused by Moisture

In addition to accumulating moisture within your HVAC ducts, which can lead to leaks, drywall damage and other water-related issues, there are other problems associated with excessive moisture within the ducts and inside of residential insulation. If dust or dirt is present in an area where water has accumulated at one point or another, the conditions are now perfect for mold to grow. Dust and dirt are considered to be a “nutrient” for microbial growth. When combined with a sustained water source – even just a drop at a time – and the right temperature range, mold will grow and continue to grow over a period of time.

Mold can grow wherever the moisture, dust, dirt and temperature conditions are present, including your HVAC system, the metal ducts, any plastic-lined flex ducts, caulking, sealants, duct liners, flat surfaces of the metal ducts, conditioning coils and inside your walls, floors, attics and basements. Whenever and wherever the conditions are right, fungal growth can and will occur. It doesn’t care whether or not it is metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, drywall or painted, coated and lined surfaces, if the conditions are right, mold will grow.

Residential Insulation: The Moisture Solution

When it comes down to understanding the facts of why condensation occurs and how moisture builds up inside of a structure, moisture prevention isn’t really all that difficult. Here are some ways that your local professional insulation installer can help you protect your home from the damages and dangers associated with moisture.

  • Duct Insulation – All ducts should be properly insulated as a means of regulating temperature and preventing condensation issues associated with temperature changes and air vapor.
  • Proper Materials – Residential insulation materials, such as fiberglass rolls and other duct-specific materials should be used to properly insulated duct work in your home.
  • Unused Ducts – During the heating season, any ducts that are not being used should be sealed to prevent moisture build-up, by sealing all duct openings, supplies and returns.
  • Insulation Inspection – An overall inspection of your home’s residential insulation and energy efficiency should be conducted to determine R-value, as well as air and vapor sealing overall to decrease energy consumption and improve thermal control.

Where to Get Insulation Installation in Fall River

If you are in need of help with moisture prevention or residential insulation in the Fall River or South Coast area, look no further than Richie’s Insulation. A professional insulation installer service that covers Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Richie’s provides a wide variety of services that will help you to improve the air quality and temperature control in your home. Call Richie’s Insulation today to schedule an appointment or to get a free quote!