Heat Loss Prevention: How to Increase R-Value in Providence

heat-loss-preventionHow does your home insulation perform? Do you have an energy efficient home or could you use a little more insulation to increase R-value? This article will help homeowners quickly determine whether or not their current insulation materials are providing all the protection they need without having to call out a professional. However, once you determine that you do need an insulation upgrade, the tips included will help you learn how to get a lower winter heating bill by creating a more efficient home.

Identifying Heat Loss in the Winter
The best way to determine whether or not your current insulation is providing enough R-value and protection for your home is to look at your roof in the winter. Once there have been a few weeks of cold temperatures that will keep the snow hugging to the roof and to the ground, it’s time to take a peek. Here are some things to look for:

  • Melt Patterns – If you start to notice melt patterns on your roof, such as areas where the snow has melted, but other areas where it has not, you should probably consult a professional to check your current insulation to increase the R-value.
  • Icicles – Yep, those dangerous pointy things hanging off the side of your home can be an indicator of heat loss issues. Icicles are not normal on a home that is properly insulated. If you do see them they should be sporadic and only a couple of inches long. Huge icicles are not normal. You should call a professional to help you with heat loss prevention right away.
  • Check Your Neighbors – Here’s another indication… if your roof looks different from your neighbors’ roof, you might have a problem. If your roof has no snow on it and your neighbors’ roof is completely covered in thick, white snow, you very likely have a heat loss issue. On the other hand, if your roof has a lot of big icicles and your neighbors do not, that is also an indicator.
  • Check Your Bill – Another way to find out whether or not you need to upgrade your insulation is to check your heating bill. Compare it to last year’s bill and the year before, if possible. You can significantly lower a winter heating bill just by adding insulation to increase R-value and by sealing air-leaks and providing a good vapor barrier.

Using Fiberglass Rolls to Increase R-Value
One of the most popular ways to increase R-value and provide heat loss prevention for our residential and commercial customers is fiberglass rolls. Fiberglass rolls in Providence are used in attics, walls, basements, crawlspaces, floors – just about anywhere that you need to boost your insulation for better thermal management and to lower the winter heating bill. Fiberglass rolls can even be used for cathedral ceilings and sidewalls, for both new and existing construction, making them perfect for remodels or upgrades. Options include rolls that come with or without a facing. A variety of R-values are also available to help homeowners stay within their budget while working to increase R-value as a means of better managing temperatures.

Knauf brand fiberglass rolls in Providence are the preferred material used by Richie’s Insulation. The different sizes and thicknesses are dependent upon the space that it will be used in and the amount that you want to increase R-value in your home. Of course, the higher the R-value, the better your home will be able to resist heat transfer between floors and ceilings in your home and keep cold air outdoors in the winter months. The preferred R-value for your home is determined by the geographic area that you live in, so it is important to work with a company that installs fiberglass rolls in Providence, that has experience working in this area.

Get an Energy Audit from Richie’s!
The best way to determine whether or not you need new fiberglass rolls in Providence to increase the R-value and provide heat loss prevention is to contact a professional. Richie’s Insulation not only provides quality insulation of residential insulation that will help you to lower your winter heating bill, but we also provide professional energy audits for our customers. An energy audit will measure the thermal loss and control of your home, determining where you need to boost or replace your insulation. This is extremely helpful for homeowners who want to make an upgrade to get a lower winter heating bill, but aren’t sure whether or not insulation will make a difference. Give Richie’s Insulation a call today to schedule a free estimate or to find out more about our energy audit services.