Efficient & Sustainable Insulation Materials in New Bedford

leed-certificationIt seems that wherever you go these days, people are talking about sustainability and making our homes, offices, buildings and businesses more sustainable. It is important to choose materials that will provide homeowners and businesses with a long life that will perform effectively and efficiently, while putting as little impact on the environment as possible. This is also true when it comes to commercial insulation in New Bedford, where more and more businesses are paying attention to the idea of using sustainable insulation materials and many are looking to the advantages of achieving LEED certification with new construction or renovation projects.

Not only are there some pretty amazing tax credits available through the LEED certification program, but energy efficient insulation helps businesses to reduce energy consumption and reduce utility bills, often paying for the installation of sustainable insulation materials in just a few years. There are many advantages associated with becoming more energy efficient, so it just makes good sense to do all you can to pay attention to the details when it comes to installing new or upgrading old commercial insulation in New Bedford or anywhere in the northeastern states. In a region where extreme temperature variations can mean for big energy bills year-round, energy efficient insulation can really make a difference.

Sustainable Insulation Materials
When most people think about energy efficient insulation, they don’t think about fiberglass rolls. However, fiberglass is one of the highest renewable and recycled insulation materials available in the entire insulation industry. It can be removed from an existing building and then be re-installed, allowing for reusable and extremely sustainable insulation materials compared to other insulation options. When you make the choice to use energy efficient insulation for your commercial insulation in New Bedford, you not only help the environment by reducing your energy consumption, but you can also lower the cost for the entire project.

When a commercial building or space is properly insulated and protected, the HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to provide a consistent temperature control for shoppers, employees and merchandise. This naturally lowers the amount of energy required to achieve desired temperature levels, which results in a much lower utility bill. In the summer months, heat gain is greatly reduced, and in the winter months, heat loss is reduced as well, helping to maintain effective temperature control year-round. Good air sealing, energy efficient insulation and professional installation of commercial insulation is the best place to start.

LEED Certification
One of the most widely recognized green building programs in operation in the United States is the LEED Program, from the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED is a program that evaluates the performance of the entire building throughout the construction process, not just a single element or two. When looking at the building as a whole, the LEED certification process helps to determine the energy efficiency for the project both now and in the future. The LEED certification is used as an industry barometer for the growth of the green building movement. Thousands upon thousands of commercial buildings have applied for certification and many more are applying all the time.

The green building movement has grown so much not just because it is sustainable, environmentally beneficial and trendy, but also because business can see direct and immediate benefits from embracing LEED certification commercial insulation in New Bedford and beyond. Studies show that as much as 30 percent of all the energy that gets used in commercial buildings is dedicated to temperature control through heating and cooling, making energy efficient insulation and other related products more important than ever for a company’s bottom line.

Fiberglass Insulation
One material that has been a proven performer for energy savings over the years is fiberglass roll insulation. It provides the R-value that is required to create a truly thermally efficient building, reducing energy consumption and polluting gases that are released into the atmosphere. Despite the fact that over 60 percent of all homeowners say that they would like to have a greener, more environmentally-friendly home, only 14 percent say that their contractors, insulation installers or builders advised them about options available for energy efficient insulation products and upgrades.

The same holds true for commercial building owners, with many stating that they would be willing to pay more on upgrades if significant energy savings could be achieved. Sustainable design has become a very popular method of construction, with many cities and states now mandating the use of green products. Green design is being supported by several foundations and is being touted by architects, contractors and construction crews nationwide. Fiberglass rolls are one of the most recommended and taked about sustainable insulation materials currently being used in the ever-growing green movement.

Knauf Products
For businesses, builders, architects and contractors who are working a project that is going for LEED certification or for building owners who want to improve energy efficiency, Knauf products are one of the best materials you can choose. With focus on sustainability, conserving the environment and building with long-term goals in mind, these fiberglass insulation materials from Knauf work to minimize the impact on the environment while providing companies with quality commercial insulation in New Bedford and all across the nation.

Knauf’s EcoRoll insulation is made with a proprietary ECOSE Technology, which contains a high concentration of one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources. Sand and approximately 60 percent of post-consumer recycled bottle glass is used with ECOSE Technology to provide high-quality, easy-cutting and resilient fiberglass roll that has become the preferred choice of contractors, business owners and homeowners. No artificial colors, acrylics, phenol or formaldehyde are used in the manufacture of Knauf EcoRoll insulation.

Where to Get Energy Efficient Commercial Insulation in New Bedford
Richie’s Insulation serves businesses and contractors in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area, including New Bedford, Providence and Cape Cod. Richie’s relies on Knauf fiberglass rolls for both commercial and residential customers to provide a variety of R-values that can be used anywhere, from attics to basements, crawl spaces and sidewalls, even cathedral ceilings and steel frame construction walls.

To find out more about all of the sustainable insulation materials available at Richie’s Insulation or to learn more about LEED certification options and other applications of energy efficient insulation for your commercial building, give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff can help you learn all you need to know about commercial insulation in New Bedford and the entire South Coast region.