How Did Your Home Insulation in Dartmouth Work This Winter?

home-insulation-dartmouthIt usually takes some extreme weather conditions for homeowners to be able to test the benefits of their residential insulation. So if you stuck out the winter season this year in Southeastern Massachusetts, without retreating to a tropical climate, chances are you know how well (or poorly) your home insulation in Dartmouth performed. If you think you might need to contact a professional insulation installer to see about how you can increase efficiency and R-value for next year, you might want to know a little bit about the process, what you can expect and who you can contact in the South Coast area.

Questions to Consider Regarding Residential Insulation

When it comes to improving or replacing your current residential insulation in order to increase efficiency and R-value, you need to figure out what you need and where you want to start. Many homeowners will immediately know the room or rooms of their house that are lacking in proper insulation, while others might need to have a professional insulation installer come by and do a thorough inspection and energy assessment. Either way, the more you can tell the insulation technician when he comes by to give you a quote, the better.

  1. Are some rooms of your home colder than others in the winter? Which ones?
  2. Are some rooms of your home hotter than others in the summer? Which ones?
  3. Do you have any leaks or moisture in your attic, exterior walls or roof that you are aware of?
  4. What is the age of your home? Do you know if the insulation has been upgraded or replaced since the home was built?
  5. Are you experiencing higher than normal utility bills to heat/cool your home?
  6. Have you noticed any condensation build-up on glass windows or doors?
  7. Do you feel cold air coming in from outdoors anywhere in your home? Doors? Windows? Baseboards?

Make a list of answers to these questions along with any other observations that you have made that you want the residential insulation expert to consider during the assessment. While a professional should be able to catch all areas that need attention, especially with the infra-red scanning equipment now available for energy assessors, the information gathered from the homeowner is extremely valuable when the goal is to increase efficiency and R-value in the home.

What You Can Do to Improve Home Insulation in Dartmouth

If you have noticed any issues with your residential insulation, chances are you are ready to do something about it. While we have already talked about the importance of hiring a professional insulation installer to come to your Southeastern Massachusetts home to do an energy assessment and inspection of your current insulation, there are still other things that you can do to help find the money to pay for improvements and things that you can do to reduce energy consumption on your own.

Tip #1 – Hire a Reputable Contractor

If you are going to have any work done to your residential insulation, it is important to hire a professional insulation installer that has experience working in the northeastern states who knows what is required to increase efficiency and R-value in your home. Richie’s Insulation has been providing commercial and residential insulation services to clients throughout the South Coast region, including Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Connecticut and all throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. You can count on Richie’s to provide you with quality residential insulation at a price that you can afford.

Tip #2 – Find Out About Incentives & Rebates

If you don’t think you can afford to hire a professional insulation installer to improve your home insulation in Dartmouth, think again. There are lots of incentives and tax rebates available through local cities, counties, states, federal government and local utility companies for homeowners who purchase products and materials that are high-efficiency. Start by looking at the website for the US Department of Energy for tax credits, rebates and other savings in your state. Contact Richie’s Insulation for information on available opportunities for homeowners within their service area.

Tip #3 – Know Your Insulation

What type of insulation does your home currently have? What type of residential insulation will help you to increase efficiency and R-value at the most affordable rate? Do a little bit of research or talk with your technician about the type of insulation currently in-use and whether or not it can be salvaged to use in conjunction with some more high-tech upgrades. Richie’s Insulation works with blown-in insulation, water-foam spray insulation and fiberglass roll insulation to provide our customers with a variety of different material and pricing options.

Tip #4 – Little Things Make a Difference

There are other things that can be done to help improve the function of your home’s insulation that won’t take a lot of time or money to complete. These things can be done DIY style or can be hired out by a professional insulation installer. Check with a representative from Richie’s Insulation to find out if these services are available in your area.

  • weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows
  • plugging up gaps around plumbing and light holes
  • installing storm windows in the fall for extra protection
  • using a programmable thermostat to lower your monthly utility bills

Where to Get Quality Home Insulation in Dartmouth

Contact Richie’s Insulation for a truly professional insulation installer that you can count on to help you increase efficiency and R-value for your home. Richie’s has been serving customers throughout the South Coast region for many years and has earned a reputation for providing quality, professional services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Call Richie’s today to schedule an assessment or to get a free quote!