Should I Upgrade My Existing Insulation in Mattapoisett?

residential-insulation-mattapoisettThe part of the country that you live in has a lot to do with the amount of residential insulation that you should have in order to properly maintain temperature control and reduce energy consumption during the winter months. For home owners living in Southeastern Massachusetts, it can be difficult to keep an older home warm that was built even just ten years ago, because the standards for residential insulation and the R-values determined by the Department of Energy have changed in recent years. If you have trouble keeping your home warm during the winter months and have not looked into getting an upgrade on insulation installation in Mattapoisett, it is time to at least get an inspection.

Getting Started: Inspecting Your Residential Insulation
When it comes time to think about adding affordable home insulation to your residential property, you need to start with the facts. How much insulation do you already have? What type of insulation was used? How old is the insulation in your home? Was it professionally installed or did you upgrade the existing insulation as part of a do-it-yourself project? All of these things can contribute to the R-value of your residential insulation and could affect how well your home is able to keep warm air indoors and cold air outdoors in the winter months.

Contact a professional residential insulation company, such as Richie’s Insulation in Westport. Richie’s will sent out a technician who is experienced in insulation installation in Mattapoisett and the surrounding area to your home. The current R-value of your home will be determined and the quality of the current insulation will be inspected. Our team will also check out the envelope of your home or the quality of the air sealing that has been done in your attic, walls, basement or crawl space and the areas around your doors and windows. If your home has not been properly sealed, that could lead to heat loss even if you have the proper R-value of residential insulation.

What R-value Should I Have in Mattapoisett?

If you live in the State of Massachusetts, you live in what the Department of Energy has determined to be Zone 5. Based upon the type of weather that occurs in your part of the country year-round, but particularly in the winter months, the minimum amount of R-value is determined that would be required to keep your home properly temperature controlled in even the worst weather.

According to the Department of Energy, Zone 5 requires attics to have a rating between R-38 and R-60, cathedral ceilings to have a rating between R-30 and R-38, cavity areas within walls to have a rating between R-13 and R-15, insulation sheathing to have a rating between R-2.5 and R-6, and for floors to have a rating between R-25 and R-30. The R-values are lower than what is required in more northern locations, including zones 6, 7 and 8, yet higher than what is required in more southern locations, including zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.

When you hire a professional residential insulation company to upgrade your existing insulation and provide you with quality, R-value appropriate affordable home insulation, you can rest easy in knowing that you will be able to reduce your monthly utility bills, while operating your HVAC system and home appliances more efficiently. Richie’s Insulation can help you to determine how much and what type of residential insulation will maximize the benefits of your insulation upgrade.

What Types of Insulation Materials are Available?

When it comes time to choose the type of residential insulation that you will use in your upgrade of insulation installation in Mattapoisett, there are a couple of different types available to choose from. While some types of insulation materials are designed to work in specific situations, some can be used in multiple areas and scenarios.

  • Fiberglass Rolls, Batts & Blankets – One of the most well-known types of insulation, this sometimes pink or yellow fiberglass based material is easy to install and is most often seen inside walls and between studs in attics. This flexible product is made from fiberglass mineral fibers and is available in multiple widths in order to accommodate typical construction widths. R-values are usually between R-13 and R-21, making it a great way to add affordable home insulation to many areas of your home to increase thermal protection.
  • Blown-in/Loose-fill Cellulose – While this type of insulation material can be installed in a number of areas to upgrade existing insulation in a cost-effective manner, it is most often seen in residential properties as floor insulation in the attic. It is made of loose cellulose fibers that can be blown into spaces within the walls using specialized equipment. It conforms easily to odd-sized shapes and works well in areas that are otherwise difficult to reach to upgrade existing insulation. R-value is determined by the type of cellulose materials used and the thickness of the residential insulation.
  • Icynene Spray Foam – Add R-value and increase air-sealing at the same time with spray foam insulation as part of your insulation installation in Mattapoisett. Popularized on home improvement programs seen on TV, this type of affordable home insulation may cost more in the beginning than other materials, but can pay for itself in reduced utility costs within several months of installation. Great within walls, in attics, basement ceilings, brick or stone walls, around doors and window frames, around electrical and plumbing areas and great for reducing air leakage within the home. Provides between R-4 and R-6 of insulation per inch of thickness, making it easy to quickly add R-value to existing residential insulation.

Where to Get Quality Insulation Installation in Mattapoisett

If you are looking to upgrade existing insulation in your home or office, contact Richie’s Insulation in Westport for insulation installation in Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Fall River, Providence, Cape Cod and the surrounding area. Richie’s offers a wide variety of affordable home insulation that can help you to instantly boost your R-values, run your home more efficiently, save money on your utility bills and reduce energy consumption. Call Richie’s Insulation today for a free quote on all types of residential insulation.