Install Knauff Insulation in New Bedford to Reduce Energy Consumption

Insulation for commercial buildings is just as important as residential insulation. In fact, a recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy revealed that proper commercial building insulation could save property owners nearly $10 billion each year in energy costs nationwide. The study also revealed that proper insulation for commercial buildings can reduce energy consumption in the United States by 12 quadrillion BTUs, accounting for 15 percent of the total annual energy use in our country. That’s a huge savings and a whole lot of reduced energy consumption and utility costs saved across the board.

In addition to reducing the amount of energy required to run our nation’s commercial buildings and lowering costs for utilities each year, proper commercial insulation can also help to reduce power plant emissions associated with generating all that energy by 780 million tons each year. As much as a third of the energy used each year by commercial buildings comes from heating and cooling, which can be reduced and more easily managed through the proper installation of commercial building installation.

Other Benefits of Insulation for Commercial Buildings
Additional studies that focused on commercial insulation, as well as temperature control in commercial business situations, found that employee health and productivity can be increased in a temperature controlled work environment. Providing employees with a comfortable climate can help to boost the amount of work that gets done on a daily basis. Quality installation of Knauff insulation in New Bedford for your commercial business is a key factor in ensuring a comfortable working environment.

A commercial building that is not properly insulated can also be exposed to excessive moisture, especially in the HVAC system. Fiberglass Knauff insulation in New Bedford can help to prevent condensation from building up on the inside or outside of ducts due to moisture. If not controlled, this can lead to moisture dripping onto ceiling tiles, which can cause damage to the building, office equipment or merchandise and can lead to an unhealthy work environment.

Providing proper insulation for commercial buildings, especially in the areas of walls, ceilings and HVAC duct work, business owners can help to reduce energy costs by maintaining consistent temperatures without having to constantly run their HVAC systems. Commercial insulation of ducts can help an HVAC system to deliver properly conditioned air at desired temperatures without over-working the system. This will help to reduce overall operating costs and can allow for many commercial buildings to purchase smaller HVAC systems as a result.

Why Fiberglass Knauff Insulation in New Bedford is Best
When it comes to commercial insulation, it pays to use a quality product in order to get the best results. For the highest return on investment, consider installing fiberglass Knauff insulation in New Bedford for your commercial building. From eco-friendly fiberglass rolls to commercial-grade metal building insulation, Knauf has all of the products you will ever need to properly insulate your commercial building.

Metal building insulation is designed specifically to provide the level of insulation required for metal building construction. Commercial building insulation comes available in a fiberglass blanket insulation, faced or un-faced, depending on where it needs to be installed. Various lengths and widths are available to make installation of insulation for commercial buildings quick and easy. Metal commercial building insulation is designed to control the flow of heat, absorb noise from other offices or HVAC systems and boost light efficiency. All around, it creates a better working environment.

Sustainable Commercial Insulation
One of the most important trends in the world of commercial building insulation is sustainability. Not only will Knauff insulation in New Bedford keep your building running more efficiently, lower your utility costs due to reduced energy consumption and help your HVAC systems to run more effectively, but it can also help you to meet the new “green” product standards in construction. Knauf’s fiberglass insulation is a green product with a long history of proven performance, so you can feel comfortable picking it as your insulation material of choice.

Other sustainability effects from using a high quality insulation for commercial buildings is the overall reduction of carbon dioxide that is released into our planet’s atmosphere. The U.S. Department of Energy states that the insulation that is currently being used in America’s commercial buildings has been able to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 780 million tons a year. It has been proven that carbon dioxide gases are related to climate change, which is why commercial insulation goes a long way toward helping your New Bedford-based business to be more “green” and environmentally-friendly.

Where to Get Knauff Insulation in New Bedford
If you are interested in finding out more about Knauff commercial insulation, contact Richie’s Insulation. Richie’s is licensed, trained and certified to install quality Knauff insulation in New Bedford, Fall River, Providence, Cape Cod, Westport and many other locations throughout the South Coast region, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Contact today to get a free quote on insulation for commercial buildings or residential structures.