Air Sealing Your Home to Increase R-Value in Massachusetts

air-sealing-massachusettsIf your goal is to improve energy efficiency in your home as a means of increasing the comfort level within bedrooms and living areas, the best place to start is with a professional insulation installation. Hiring an expert can help you to do a thorough inspection of an existing structure and provide proper air sealing for your home prior to installing new or additional insulation. A professional can also help you to increase the R-value in Massachusetts beyond the basic, minimum level that is required in new construction and installed by most general construction contractors.

Why Insulation is So Important
Proper insulation and air sealing in your home is more important to home owners than many realize. This is especially true in states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, where the winter weather is extremely chilly compared to the rest of the country. The only thing that you have protecting you and your family from the winter cold are the foundation, walls and ceiling or roof of your home. While a small amount of heat transfer is normal within any structure as the materials experience direct contact with the ice, snow and cold of outdoors, insulating and air sealing your home can help to reduce the amount of heated air that is lost, as well as the amount of cold air that gets inside.

The reason why it is important to increase R-value in Massachusetts is directly related to the amount of heat that is lost within a structure. The term R-value is the means of measuring the resistance that your home’s insulation has to heat transfer. The higher the R-value number, the better quality the insulation and the better air sealing of your home. An R-value of 30 would be better than an R-12. While some professional insulation installation jobs will require you to put in brand new insulation to improve energy efficiency, in some cases you can just add in a couple of inches of insulation materials to make a noticeable difference.

Why Air Sealing Your Home Matters
One of the most important things you can do to improve energy efficiency is in the air sealing of your home. If your home is not properly air sealed, as much as a 25-40 percent leakage could occur in a typical residential situation. This would cause an increase not only in the amount of energy required to heat and condition your home, but also in the amount of warm air that would be leaking outside and the amount of cold air that would be leaking inside.

A professional insulation installation expert can help by identifying and providing air sealing in your home to prevent air leaks. Not only will air sealing your home stop costly leaks, but it will also stop moisture and cold air drafts from entering your living space. A professional inspection can help you figure out what type of insulation materials would help to improve energy efficiency, stop leaks and seal up your home properly.

Where Should You Increase R-Value in Massachusetts?
When it comes to installing new insulation and air sealing your home to improve energy efficiency, it is important to focus on choosing materials that will increase R-value in Massachusetts. Older homes, even ten or twenty year old construction, will often need to make upgrades through professional insulation installation and air sealing. Here are some areas of your home that would benefit from an increase in R-value in Massachusetts:

  • attic – most of your home’s heat will be lost through the attic as warm air passes through the ceilings, so air sealing your home and adding more insulation will definitely help
  • heating ducts – when HVAC ducts run through areas of your home that aren’t properly insulated, such as an attic, basement or crawl space, a great amount of energy can be lost
  • water pipes – another source of heat loss lies in hot water pipes, which often have to travel through improperly insulated areas of your home
  • walls – the largest surface area of your home, professional insulation installation and upgrades in air sealing your home for walls can provide a huge return on your investment

Air Sealing Your Home Through Professional Insulation Installation
Contact Richie’s Insulation for more information on how to improve energy efficiency by properly insulating and air sealing your home. Richie’s has a wide variety of products available for residential insulation and a team of installation experts that can help you create a warmer, more evenly conditioned home through professional insulation installation. Ask how you can increase R-value in Massachusetts and learn more about air sealing your home through our team of professional installers. Richie’s Insulation serves residential and commercial customers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.