How Does Insulation Conserve Energy and Reduce Utility Bills?

conserve-energy-new-londonThe scientific explanation is that insulation works to reduce the exchange of heat that occurs through a surface. This surface could include an attic, a wall, a roof or even an HVAC duct. Structures that are well-insulated are able to reduce the amount of warm air that escapes from the building in the winter months and prevents cooled air from escaping during the hot summer months. The goal is to lower utility bills by reducing the amount of energy required to control the temperature within the structure.

This article hopes to answer common questions about how to reduce utility bills and conserve energy through proper use of residential insulation in Connecticut. Particularly for New London homeowners and other property owners in the same general area, who are subject to very cold winters and temperatures in the 80s in the summer months. With proper installation, residential insulation can help to reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat and cool your home by as much as 20 percent.

Floors, Walls and Attics – Oh My!
When you look at your home from outside you see what is known as the “outer shell” or the “envelope” of your home. It is the part of the structure that separates your home from the great outdoors. This barrier works to prevent the temperatures that are outside and inside the structure from equalizing, keeping your home comfortable regardless of the season. The more insulation that you have in the floors, walls and attics, the less energy you will be required to use to warm or cool the indoor air. This can greatly reduce utility bills, conserve energy and help New London homeowners to feel more comfortable year round.

Air Leaks Must Be Sealed!
It doesn’t matter how much residential insulation you have in your home or what the quality or rating of the insulation materials is that you have used, if your home is not properly sealed against air and vapor leaks, your home will continue to be drafty and humid throughout the year. A drafty home requires much more than insulation and a good HVAC unit to control temperature. Caulking, weather stripping and professional air leak sealing should be checked and done by your insulation installation professional when you have your home’s energy efficiency inspected. It is impossible to completely seal a home up tight, but the more you can do, the better.

Air Duct Insulation
Another type of residential insulation in Connecticut that many New London homeowners overlook is air duct insulation. If your home has a central heating and air-conditioning unit (HVAC) that works via a duct system with forced air, you will want to get your ducts inspected. Air ducts that are not insulated can reduce the efficiency of a home by as much as 20 percent, so it is important to get these inspected when you meet with an insulation installer in an attempt to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. The areas where ducts travel through parts of your home that are unfinished, such as basements, crawl spaces or attics, should definitely be checked for sealing and insulation.

Proper Insulation Materials
Some residential insulation materials are made to be used in specific areas and circumstances only. When you get your home inspected, make sure that the insulation materials that are currently in-use within your home are rated high enough for residential insulation in Connecticut. As you can imagine, insulation requirements in the southwestern part of the country are vastly different from what is needed in the northeastern states. You want to be sure to hire a reputable company that has experience working within the local region.

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