Massachusetts Winter is Around the Corner: Is Your Home Insulation Ready to Go to Work?

ready-for-winterIn reality, your home insulation works year-round to keep unwanted temperatures out (cold in the winter, heat in the summer) and to keep desirable temperatures in (warm in the winter, cool in the summer), while reducing energy consumption and your utility bill. However, most Connecticut homeowners don’t usually think about insulation until the weather begins to turn cool. In preparation for the coming cold fall evenings and freezing cold winter nights, it’s time to take a look at your home’s energy efficiency and determine whether or not your insulation – and other energy-saving efforts – are ready to go to work.

How to Prevent Energy Wasting
According to a report published by the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American home spends around $2200 each year on utilities. Over half of that figure can be attributed to heating and cooling costs. As a result, it is important that you take the time to make sure that your home is properly sealed and insulated to reduce energy wasting and improve your home’s efficiency.

Before you try any do-it-yourself projects to reduce energy consumption, get a professional insulation consultation with a reputable home insulation installer that specializes in working with residential clients in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. You also don’t want to work with a company or a technician that doesn’t have years of experience working to insulate New England homes against the cold winter season, so its important to hire an expert. Richie’s Insulation is located in Massachusetts and has served customers in the Southeastern Massachusetts, RI and CT area for many years.

Step One – Check for Leaks
The first thing a reputable home insulation technician should do is to check for air leaks. Studies show that air leaks in the average American home can contribute as much as 15-35 percent of heating and cooling loss. Making sure that doors, windows, dryer vents, HVAC units and baseboards are properly sealed can make a big difference on your utility bill and reduce energy consumption overall.

Step Two – Increase Insulation Where Needed
A professional insulation consultation should also include a trip up to the attic and measurements within the walls and floors of your home to ensure that you have enough home insulation. Homes that were built prior to 2005 weren’t built according to the R-value standards that are used today, so it is important to add home insulation where needed. This will help to reduce energy consumption and make your home more energy efficient.

Step Three – Check the Air Filters
Believe it or not, a dirty air filter can cause your energy bill to go up. You should replace your air filters every 30-days when you are using either a central air-conditioning or heating system. A clogged filter makes your HVAC system work harder, increasing the cost of your bill. Over time, dirty filters can lead to more expensive and larger repairs. Before you fire up your heater for the first time, also consider a professional inspection by your HVAC repairman to troubleshoot for any unknown issues.

Step Four – Use a Programmable Thermostat
Another government study showed that using an Energy Star rated programmable thermostat can save approximately $200 each year in cooling and heating costs. They can be used to automatically turn down the heater when you are away from the house or at work and then turn it back up just before you get home. Speak with your HVAC guy about getting one professionally installed for best results.

Step Five – Choose Quality Upgrades Over Cheap Fixes
If you are ready to invest in your home insulation to reduce energy consumption and improve your home’s efficiency, it’s time to do it right. Cheap or low-cost insulation and other energy-related products might make a slight difference, but professional grade materials and installations will quickly pay for themselves in reduced utility costs. Connecticut homeowners who are serious about making changes should get a professional insulation consultation and contact a reputable HVAC repairman to help make the changes that will allow for the largest improvements.

Call Richie’s Insulation for a Professional Insulation Consultation
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut homeowners can contact Richie’s Insulation to set up a professional insulation consultation. Richie’s has built a trusted relationship, providing home insulation and commercial insulation for clients throughout the South Coast region. Our experienced and highly trained technicians can help you determine the state of your current home insulation, recommend upgrades that will provide the biggest return on your investment and help you to reduce energy consumption in a way that will make a huge difference on your monthly utility bill.