Richie’s Insulation Can Help You Improve the Air Quality in Your Rhode Island Home

air-qualityWith more and more people suffering from respiratory diseases and conditions, such as COPD and asthma, and with environmental concerns contributing to an increase in allergies across our nation, many Americans have become interested in finding out more about improving the air quality within their own homes. Keeping out the “bad air” and conditioning or treating the “good air” inside your home to keep out allergens, pollutants and other irritants can seem like a difficult prospect, but with the proper tools, adjustments and information, it is definitely possible to improve the air quality of your home.

Getting Started
The best place to start when it comes to improving the air quality of a home is to look to the attic. The quality of the insulation and steps that have been taken to seal attic leaks will go a long way toward the success of the operation. Attic sealing is very important, not just to the quality of the air, but also to the overall energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Homes that have a lot of unsealed attic leaks can be a dangerous place for people with breathing problems, respiratory diseases or environmental allergies.

An unsealed attic allows cool air in the summer to evaporate quickly, causing your air conditioner to work harder and your energy bill to go up. In the winter, an unsealed attic can also allow the heated air within your home to escape and can let the cold air from outside to seep in, resulting in a lot of negative side effects. If your home has any leaks that extend all the way from the attic down into your living space, you will experience even more problems with inefficiency.

Understanding Attic Air
Another reason that it’s important to seal air leaks is because attics tend to be dusty and full of dirt, as well as many dangerous airborne particles. All of that nasty air can get down into your living space, bringing with it an excess of allergens and pollutants in your home. This will result in clogged air filters and a decrease in overall air quality, not to mention dust and dirt falling all over your home.

Air leaks can occur in a number of areas, including the roof, walls, windows and any openings that lead to the outdoors. Holes that are designed to allow for electrical lines, plumbing and HVAC ductwork can also let in allergens and pollutants from outdoors. If you haven’t had your attic checked by a professional insulation company in Massachusetts, you will definitely want to get it looked at to determine whether or not these typical openings have been sealed and insulated properly.

How Bad Air Gets Inside
It is also important to stop the bad air from getting downstairs and into your living spaces. Common ways that dirt and dust gets in is through ceiling fans, flues and vents, recessed lights and even the hatch or door to your attic from the inside. Check these areas for cracks, leaks or breaks to ensure that any bad air that gets into your attic doesn’t get down into your home.

While allergen and pollutant laden air can come in through open windows and doors, it is much easier to control the flow of that air and filter it through the use of HEPA air filtration systems and vents. When bad air comes in through attics and other leaks in your home, it brings with it all of the dust and dirt that has also accumulated in those areas since the day your home was built. That’s why it can be so much more harmful because the irritants can become concentrated and more potent as they collect over time.

How to Properly Seal Attic Leaks
The best way to ensure that allergens and pollutants are unable to get into your home and improve the air quality as a whole is to hire a professional insulation company in Massachusetts to evaluate, assess and make any necessary repairs. Adding an air or vapor seal to block out dirty air and moisture will make a huge difference. Plastic vapor sheeting, caulking and spray-on Icynene insulation are just some of the materials that are used by professionals today to create an air-tight seal in your attic.

You can also expect other issues, such as cold or hot spots to also be fixed as a beneficial side effect to sealing attic leaks. If you have a room that is always too hot in summer, yet freezing cold in the winter, chances are high that there are air leaks above or around that room. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that the entire issue will be looked at to determine whether you need to seal attic leaks or increase the R-value of your residential insulation.

Get Professional Service in the South Coast Region
Richie’s Insulation is a professional insulation company in Massachusetts. They are licensed to service customers throughout the region, including Rhode Island, Connecticut and out on the Cape. Improve the air quality in your home. Seal attic leaks and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve done all you can to keep allergens, pollutants and other irritants our of your home. Call Richie’s Insulation today for a consultation or for more information about the services that they provide.