6 Ways That Insulation Helps Commercial and Industrial Structures

commercial-industrialResidential insulation is by far the most well-known types of insulation used in the United States. Regulating temperature inside a home is an important part of reducing heat loss and energy consumption, while working to lower the monthly utility bill. However, insulation is just as important when it comes to commercial and industrial structures. Not only can it help to reduce energy costs, but commercial insulation also has a lot of other benefits that help commercial and industrial businesses to work more effectively.

#1 – Conserve Energy
Proper insulation of commercial and industrial structures can work to conserve energy by effectively reducing both heat loss and heat gain. This helps to reduce the need for costly energy required to regulate the temperature within the building. The more a business can cut down on basic overhead costs, such as electric, gas, propane or other heating and cooling bills, the more their profits will increase for every product they manufacture or sell.

#2 – Control Temperature
Proper commercial insulation can work to reduce the temperature of industrial manufacturing and processing equipment to a much safer level for employees. This will not only improve worker safety, but also help to reduce downtime associated with heat-related injuries to workers and equipment. Commercial insulation can also work to regulate temperature within industrial structures, factories, stores and office buildings to increase employee and customer comfort.

#3 – Maintain Temperature
Some commercial and industrial equipment requires a specific temperature range in order to properly process or manufacture the goods that the business creates and sells. Proper commercial insulation can be designed at the proper thickness to limit the amount of heat loss experienced within a dynamic system. It can also be designed to limit a drop in temperature over time within a static system.

#4 – Reduce Damage
One of the most common reasons for insulation installation in Dartmouth, Westport or any other area within Southeastern Massachusetts, is to prevent or reduce the damages done to commercial or industrial equipment due to exposure. Commercial insulation that contains materials designed to reduce damage caused by potential exposure to corrosives or even fire can be extremely beneficial to industrial structures. Materials that contain fiberglass, rock, slag wool and other strategic combinations of these materials can be used to prevent fire protection. Common uses include air-duct and grease-duct fireproofing, communications protection, electrical conduits and cable insulation.

#5 – Prevent Condensation
Commercial insulation that contains a quality vapor retarder can be very effective in some industrial structures and situations. Controlling water condensation on ducts, chillers, roof drains and cold piping can help to reduce the amount of corrosion that occurs with this type of equipment and structure, extending its life and usability. A specific grade of thickness is required to keep the surface temperatures above the “dew point” temperature of the surrounding ambient air. This is what effectively prevents condensation in these situations.

#6 – Lower Noise
Depending on the area that your commercial or industrial structures are located, you might need to either control the noise that comes from your facility or reduce the amount of noise that comes into your building from neighboring businesses. This is especially true in commercial insulation situations where customers or clients might be coming into the structure to shop, meet up for consultations or conduct business. Specialized insulation materials can be used in this instance to encase or enclose a noise-generating source and to provide a barrier to the outside world. Speak with a professional about insulation installation in Dartmouth or other surrounding areas and find out how commercial insulation can help reduce noise at your place of business.

Commercial Insulation in New England
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