5 Reasons Why Your Massachusetts Home Needs Proper Insulation

heat-lossWhen most people think about insulation, they think about that fluffy stuff up in the attic. The average homeowner has no idea about the importance of insulation, let alone the associated benefits. Even if you have absolutely no desire to learn about the difference between fiberglass roll and spray-on Icynene insulation, you need to know what residential insulation does and how it works so you can understand why it is so important to your home.

Proper Insulation Can Reduce Heat Loss

If you want to lower your monthly energy bill and help keep your home warm and toasty in the winter months, residential insulation is the solution. Many older homes simply do not have enough insulation to protect your home in the winter months – even in the northeastern states.

While the attic is one of the most important areas of your home, there are other things to consider. Quality insulation in Connecticut or anywhere else in the Southcoast region should include the walls, ceilings and floors to ensure proper heat retention. The home should be inspected for air leaks around outlets, windows, doors, plumbing and any other potential cold air entry points.

Create a More Comfortable Home

Residential insulation that provides a proper barrier against cold, outside air will create a more comfortable home environment. Temperature control plays a very important role in helping heating and cooling appliances to work more effectively and efficiently. It can help to reduce the cost of your annual utility bills as well, reducing the amount of time that you need to run your heater.

If you do not have a proper vapor seal in your home, condensation can occur during the winter months, causing a loss of heat as well as creating a situation that could lead to structural damage and other problems. To reduce heat loss, speak with a residential insulation expert about new products and materials that can help to increase your home’s R-value, while also preventing air and vapor leaks from penetrating your structure. A spray-on Icynene insulation is a great solution for homes that have these problems in the winter.

Residential Insulation as a Sound Barrier

In addition to keeping warm air in and cold air out in the winter months, good quality residential insulation can also work as an excellent absorber of sound and noise. Children running around upstairs, clanking pipes inside the walls and noise from neighbors running landscaping equipment outdoors can all be greatly reduced with proper insulation.

Speak with a professional installer of quality insulation in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, such as Richie’s Insulation in Westport. Your installer can help you choose a residential insulation material that will help to reduce noises between floors and walls that will also reduce heat loss and improve your quality of indoor life.

Lower Your Energy Bill

One of the primary reasons why homeowners will typically contact an insulation expert is to improve on their current insulation as a means of reducing their energy bill. When you reduce heat loss and improve the home’s vapor and air barrier, you effectively work to also lower energy costs as well. The better insulated your home, the less frequently you will have to run your heating and cooling equipment and the better regulated your home will be. If you aren’t running your heater or air-conditioning unit as frequently, your bill will naturally go down.

Speak with a residential insulation professional about other things you can do to lower your energy bill and help your home to run more efficiently. These tips are helpful for homeowners who want insulation in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the northeastern states where a bad combination of cold winters and older, insufficiently insulated homes are common. It is possible to reduce your utility bill by thousands of dollars each year just by improving your home’s insulation.

Good Insulation Helps the Planet

If you are at all concerned about helping the environment, then residential insulation is a great place to start. Homes and appliances that are able to be run more efficiently will use less energy, reducing associated greenhouse gases and emissions as a result.

Recycling cans, plastic bottles and lowering your thermostat aren’t just the only ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Investing in eco-friendly insulation materials installed by a certified, professional installer is the best way to do your part and help the local environment.

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