Check-Up Time: Why You Should Get a Massachusetts Home Energy Audit

home-energy-auditToday’s homeowners have some significant advantages over the homeowners of just a generation ago. There are many more opportunities, technologies and methods available today to help improve energy efficiency and keep even a hundred year-old home running smoothly.

We all get check-ups. The doctor, the dentist, the eye doctor – we even take our cars to get checked on a regular basis. When was the last time you got a check-up done on your house? Could you be saving money on your monthly energy bill? A home energy audit is a great way to assess your home’s efficiency to determine whether or not there’s anything that can be done to make improvements.

The Benefits of a Professional Home Energy Audit
When you hire a professional to assess your home, there are a lot of advantages that you could experience as a result. While some people do an audit to lower energy costs and reduce energy consumption, others do it to improve the comfort level inside their home in the summer and winter months. What is motivating you to get a check-up done on your home?

Saving Utility Costs – Recent studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy have determined that homeowners who get a home energy audit and implement changes to improve energy efficiency can save as much as 5 to 30 percent off of their annual utility bill. This can mean great savings for New England homeowners, particularly during the harsh northeastern winters.

Saving Energy Use – If you want to help reduce energy consumption as a means of lowering your carbon footprint, a home energy audit is a great way to find out what needs to be fixed to help you accomplish your goals. Reducing energy consumption helps the environment by lowering the amount of greenhouse gases and pollution that are created by burning fuels and creating electricity.

Improving Your Home’s Comfort – If you live in a home that isn’t sealed or insulated well, you know it. Some rooms will be draftier than others, while some remain scorching hot in the summer, depite central air-conditioning. Once you properly seal and insulate your home through professional insulation installation in Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island, you will be able to enjoy your home much more year round.

What to Expect in a Professional Home Energy Audit
While there are some do-it-yourself home assessment tools now available on the market, there’s nothing quite like having a professional audit of your home’s energy use and consumption to help you make informed decisions about what needs to be fixed first to improve energy efficiency.

A professional home energy audit is conducted by an experienced technician who has years of education and experience behind them. They will also use professional-grade specialized equipment, including infrared cameras and blower doors.

The Blower Door Test – This test is used to measure the air leaks in your home. It will help figure out just how air-tight your home is from the outside air. A home that isn’t properly sealed will lose heat in the winter and let in warm air in the summer, making it difficult to control the indoor temperature, causing you to use your heating and air-conditioning more than you would if it were air-tight. A properly sealed home will also keep out moisture and condensation that can cause molding and other issues inside your home that have the potential to be dangerous to you and your family.

The Infrared Scan Test – This test is usually conducted while the blower door test is being done to reveal where more insulation is needed inside your home. It can also show whether or not your current residential insulation was installed properly, so even if you have had your home re-insulated recently, it still might not be performing adequately to save you money on your utility costs. The images that come from the infrared scan will reveal variations in the surface heat using a range of colors. This will show air leaks, heat losses and other problems, such as excessive heat within mechanical or electrical systems, as well as weakened areas in your roof.

In addition to running these tests, most professional home energy audits will include an inspection of fittings around walls, under eaves and exposed joints. To improve energy efficiency throughout your entire home, your ductwork in the attic and the seals around wiring may also be checked.

Suggestions for repairs or replacements may include brand new or additional insulation installation in Massachusetts or in other New England states that experience extreme weather conditions, upgrades on heating or cooling units that are not performing efficiently, hot water heater insulation or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances or lighting. Once your audit is finished, you will have a list of things that you can do to improve your home’s energy performance.

Who to Call for a Home Energy Audit
For homeowners or property owners in the New England region, contact Richie’s Insulation. Located in Massachusetts, Richie’s also serves customers throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut and out on the Cape. This owner operated business provides a wide variety of products, installations and services including commercial and residential insulation, home energy savings improvement, seamless gutters, thermal insulation, soundproofing and more. Call Richie’s today are 508-678-4474 to set up an appointment for a professional home energy audit to improve energy efficiency in your home and lower your energy bill.