The Benefits of Using Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Commercial Projects

commercial-spray-foamWhen considering the benefits of using Icynene spray foam in commercial insulation projects, it is important to understand that Icynene is not just an insulation. It can also be used to create an air barrier to seal cracks, crevices and other leaks that traditional insulation and other air seals usually miss. This unique ability makes Icynene ideal for use in unconventional building designs, giving a clear advantage to contractors who use it as a means of preserving the integrity of commercial buildings for many years into the future.

A Good Investment
The cost involved in installing Icynene spray foam insulation can be recouped in as little as three to four years in energy savings and other benefits. Unlike other insulation or sealant materials, Icynene is durable and long-lasting, performing for the life of the building. In fact, the makers of Icynene are so confident in their product that they guarantee it.

Icynene spray foam is an excellent material to be used in commercial insulation projects. From commercial retail buildings to factories, hospitals to office buildings and everything in between, spray foam insulation can help you to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing designers and contractors today.

Top 5 Benefits to Commercial Insulation Projects
While there are many benefits to using Icynene spray foam, right now we will deal with the top five. For contractors and designers that are contemplating the use of spray foam insulation, these benefits just might be what helps finalize the decision.

#1 – Efficiency
Choosing to use Icynene spray foam over other traditional insulation products can improve the entire energy efficiency of your project, saving as much as 50 percent on heating and cooling costs each year.

#2 – Air Quality
Creating a strong air barrier means keeping conditioned air inside and non-conditioned air outside, reducing costs for heating and cooling. However, a strong air barrier also helps to keep “bad” air outdoors, reducing and eliminating allergens, dust and pollutants from the indoor air.

#3 – Noise
Another benefit to spray foam insulation is noise reduction. Outside noise can be distracting inside a commercial building, particularly in hospitals and offices, which require focus and concentration from employees. Icynene spray foam works to considerably reduce both outside noise and inside noise that can be heard between rooms, floors and ceilings.

#4 – Moisture
Nothing is more damaging to a building than water and water condensation. Icynene spray foam works to protect and prevent water build-up and condensation, even inside buildings that require specific or contrary indoor climates, which can lead to excess moisture. Spray foam insulation is much more adept at preventing moisture than traditional insulation materials.

#5 – Flexibility
Icynene spray foam works to seal even the most unusually shaped architectural designs without requiring a lot of effort and detail on the part of the installer. This unique ability eliminates construction delays that are sometimes caused by insulation installers, allowing your project to be finished on schedule.

Proper Installation = Top Performance
The best way to get top results from your commercial insulation projects is to make sure that your professional installer is using Icynene spray foam. The engineers behind Icynene spray foam are the pioneers of the spray foam insulation industry and have worked extensively with contractors, designers, architects and commercial builders to ensure proper installation of their products.

Make sure you work with an authorized Icynene spray foam dealer and that you hire professional, qualified installers for your commercial insulation projects. Icynene spray foam insulation should only be installed by licensed Icynene contractors. These contractors are the most extensively trained contractors in the business. The best way to maximize your results is to ensure that the installation company you are working with is using authentic Icynene spray foam products and that they are licensed to install these products in residential and commercial buildings.

Richie’s Insulation is based out of Westport, MA and serves both residential and commercial clients throughout the Southern New England area, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Connecticut. When you hire trained, authorized Icynene spray foam installers for your commercial insulation projects, you can rest assured that your spray foam insulation will be installed properly. Proper installation equals top performance from your Icynene spray foam insulation products.