The Facts About Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene Foam InsulationIf you are considering spray foam insulation in Rhode Island to your residential or commercial construction project, chances are you are considering different products based upon factors such as R-values, installation costs, energy savings and thermal management. If you have never worked with this product before, it is important to understand how it works, the advantages associated with using it and the installation process.

How It Works

Most residential construction insulation focuses on providing R-value to improve thermal management. However, products such as Icynene spray foam insulation work to provide R-value, while also protecting your building against air leakage. Spray foam insulation in Rhode Island expands upon application, filling every crack, gap or leak within the structure, insulating and protecting in a way that no fiberglass roll or loose fill insulation ever could hope to achieve.

This helps to reduce CO2 emissions considerably, keeping heat in during the winter and cold air in during the summer, saving home owners and business owners up to 50 percent in related energy costs. In fact, the investment in spray foam insulation in Rhode Island can pay off more quickly than other types of insulation, with energy savings exceeding the cost for installation in as little as three to four years.

The air seal created by Icynene spray foam insulation also works to keep pollutants and other irritants out, such as airbourne pollen, dust and allergens. It also works as a vapor barrier to keep moisture out of the home of commercial building, improving the overall air quality of the environment. By combining a high performance R-value product with air and vapor sealing results, Icynene spray foam insulation is an all-in-one solution that can construction schedules, eliminate the need for additional insulation materials and reduce waste.

The Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

While we have already gone over some of the advantages of spray foam insulation, such as creating an air and vapor barrier, increasing R-values, reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills, there are still many more to consider. Icynene spray foam insulation also helps to reduce sound between the rooms and floors of your home of commercial building, including both airborne and flanking noise.

Airborne and flanking noise are responsible for what is known as in-home sound pollution. Icynene’s open-cell, light-density spray foam has natural sound-absorbing properties that can help to soundproof your home. Airborne noise includes sound that travels through the air like stereos, tvs, game systems, computers, telephones and even just talking. Flanking noise is sound that comes from the inside of your walls, such as plumbing noises when toilets are flushed, sinks are used and hoses outside are turned on.

When the air gaps in the walls are sealed by Icynene spray foam insulation, these sounds are muffled because the path around the source is filled with the light-density spray. Other air gaps and cracks that become sealed, diminish airborne and flanking noise from traveling throughout the residential or commercial space. These benefits and more make spray foam insulation in Rhode Island an excellent choice.

Installing Spray Foam Insulation in Rhode Island

When you choose to use Icynene spray foam insulation in your residential or commercial building, you can feel confident in knowing that it has been used in thousands of projects all around the world since 1986. Icynene products can only be installed by licensed insulation contractors who have experience using spray foam insulation installation equipment and can help you confidently choose which products would be best for your project. Richie’s Insulation is licensed by Icynene to install their spray foam insulation products. They serve customers throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

Icynene spray foam insulation can be sprayed into a number of spaces, such as attics, ceilings, crawl spaces, floors and walls. A licensed contractor will work with you to ensure that the insulation is installed properly for the maximum results and R-values available. Icynene can be used in both new and existing homes and buildings, adhering quickly and easily to both wood and steel frames alike in any climate condition.

Spray foam insulation in Rhode Island can be used in three ways: as a retrofit project when renovating and re-insulating your existing structure; in an addition, when creating an add-on space to your existing structure; and as a custom insulation solution for a new residential or commercial construction project. To find out more about Icynene spray foam insulation and how it can help to improve your project, contact Richie’s Insulation at 508-678-4474. Located in Westport, MA, Richie’s is a licensed insulation contractor that is authorized to install Icynene and other high quality insulation products.