8 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Gutters

Replace your guttersAs the snow melts away from a long, cold winter season, its time to take stock of your home and find out if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. One of the things that many New Bedford homeowners forget to check is the gutters. Snow and ice can wreck havoc on gutters, particularly if they are already old or in disrepair. This article will feature tips on how to spot problems with your existing gutters and determine if its time for them to be replaced.

Why Gutters are Important

Have you ever wondered why many insulation companies, such as Richie’s Insulation in Westport, offer gutter materials and installation services? It’s because your gutters are the first line of defense against water damage to your home, which can lead to internal problems with insulation and temperature regulation. Unfortunately, the only time that most New Bedford homeowners think about their gutters is when it rains.

A well-maintained, quality gutter system also works to prevent foundation damage and water leaks, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew throughout your home. Because they are so important, it is recommended that you check your gutters seasonally to ensure that they are in good working order.

The 8 Signs

The best way for New Bedford homeowners to determine the effectiveness of their gutters is to call a professional. Checking your gutters before you experience a problem or warning sign can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in potential damages. If its been awhile since you have had your gutters checked by a professional company that provides gutter materials and installation services, and if your gutters exhibit any of the 8 signs listed below, it’s time to do something about it.

#1 – Rust or Cracks

If you have rust or cracks on your gutters, you are probably over-do for a replacement. Not only do cracked and rusted gutters look bad, but they are also prone to leaks, clogs and can cause a lot of damage to your home.

#2 – Slouching or Uneven

If your gutters slouch, sag or appear to be uneven – especially if they didn’t look that way last summer before all the leaves, snow and ice hit the New England area – chances are you will need to repair or replace your gutters. Seamless aluminum gutters won’t slouch or sag and having them professionally installed will ensure that they look and perform great for many years.

#3 – Pooled Water

Are you seeing a lot of pooled water near your downspouts? Pooled water can indicate a number of things, but in most cases it is indicative of a problem within the gutter system itself. Contact a professional before damage is done to your foundation.

#4 – Clogs

Do your gutters get clogged – a lot? Some clogs are caused by leaves, twigs and other debris that can collect inside gutters, all of which can be fixed by installing gutter guards. However, some clogs are caused by damage to the gutters themselves, which may have to be replaced.

#5 – Loose or Hanging

This should be a no-brainer, but if your gutters are loose or hanging off the roof of your home, you are definitely going to need to look into getting some new seamless aluminum gutter guards. Contact a professional company that provides gutter materials and installation services for an estimate and make sure to ask about new materials and options available to keep your gutters looking great and virtually maintenance-free.

#6 – Leaks or Floods

If you are experiencing leaks or floods inside your home, your gutter system just might be to blame. Gutters that get clogged, have cracks or leaks and are sagging or falling off the roof are prone to leaks. Rather than pushing the water away from your exterior walls, roof and foundation, broken gutters can hold the water close to those areas, making them susceptible to leads and floods. If your basement is flooding or your walls are leaking – call a professional right away.

#7 – Exterior Wall Paint

Have you noticed changes in the exterior walls of your home? Is the paint peeling or rotting? Does your siding look a little worse for the wear in just a season? Before you hire a painter or order new aluminum siding, you might want to get your gutters checked. Improperly working gutters might be pushing water down your walls, causing them to peel, crack, rot or become loose.

#8 – Age

How old are your gutters? The average life for traditional gutters is 15-20 years. So if you haven’t replaced your gutters in a few years, it’s worth it to get them checked out by a professional. Even if your gutters look good on the outside, they might not be working as well as they used to just a few years ago. Investing in new gutters now can save you a lot of money cause by problems that could occur the next time it rains.

The Benefits of Getting New Seamless Aluminum Gutters

For New Bedford homeowners, upgrading to a set of new seamless aluminum gutters can be just the thing you need to prevent water damage to your home. Brand new gutters add value to your home and today they come in a variety of types, styles and colors.

In addition to looking great, new seamless aluminum gutters can help to prevent erosion, rot and mold from happening to your home. New gutter guards are available that can help to prevent leaves, twigs and debris from getting into your new gutters, eliminating clogs and other related issues.

Contact Richie’s Insulation in Westport, MA for information on the new gutter materials and installation services available for New Bedford homeowners and customers throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Call 508-678-4474 today to find out more about how seamless aluminum gutters and new gutter guards can help to protect your home.